Mike and Jerry give us this write up of the miracles God is working as a result of our National Event in Rochester, New York, this past July.  God’s church in the city of Rochester is rising up in the strong Name of Jesus to stand in the gap on behalf of our precious preborn brothers and sisters.  The gates of hell cannot prevail against God’s prevailing church.

Abortion will come to an end in the city of Rochester when the church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end, and not one second sooner.


October 13, 2013


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Since the OSA event in July, Jerry and I have been busy following up on the contacts that OSA missionaries handed us after they visited numerous churches during the OSA Sunday church visitation outreach. Terry Crawford has been our executive secretary setting up meetings with these pastors. All the pastors we have visited have been encouraged and have encouraged us by agreeing that something must be done. They have thus far been interested in any materials we have been able to provide. We are making available the “Abortion Violation” pamphlet and other resources such as, Randy Alcorn’s book, Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments, Ray Comfort’s DVD180.com, and Rusty Thomas’s books, The Kingdom Leadership Institute, and Abortion Violation as well as the tracts that Flip has made available. All the pastors have appreciated the visits and we expect some opportunities to speak at Sunday school classes or at additional special meetings in the future.


Jerry and I have plugged into a monthly meeting of area pastors that Pastor Ron from our host church, Bethel oversees. He has had us in to give a report on the event in July and to inform pastors how their churches can get involved. We have visited four pastors in the black community and have shared at a monthly pastors gathering at a church on Columbia Ave. near a high school that we visited during God is Going Back to School campaign . Elder White is a gifted evangelist and orator and always wants us to attend and participate in the meeting assuring us that he wants to help us any way he can. We also visited a large church is Rochester whose bishop oversees 89 churches from Buffalo to Syracuse. They would like some of the resources to use in their youth program. Pastor Mike, who has a church in a hard neighborhood in Rochester and led a segment of the Solemn Assembly during OSA/ROC, has been in touch. We have met and had some time of fellowship. He and his family attended Life Chain that Rescue Rochester coordinated in October.


Since July, we have shifted our weekly focus to two main locations, Planned Parenthood in Greece, NY and Morris Wortman’s clinic on S. Clinton in Brighton. We have invited the churches to come out for a focused gathering at these two locations and numbers are increasing. At the Planned Parenthood location we have 10-14 out with us, added to the 12 – 15 Catholics that have been at Planned Parenthood.  This means we have grown from two, to a group of 20-25 each Saturday. These are moms, dads, couples and at times some young people. On Tuesdays our other focus day, we are seeing 4-6 joining with us at Morris Wortman’s. At each place the Berringer Sound System and the additional large Malachi and Rescued Baby picture signs that OSA donated to us has been really useful and effective. At these locations our sidewalk counseling and preaching has increased and we are using the tracts and pamphlets to distribute to passersby and clients when we can. Jerry and I are also taking up a leaflet and sign holding station on other days at the University of Rochester Medical School to tract and talk to the students that walk from the campus to the hospital school location.


The OSA visit has lit a spark and embers here in Rochester and these embers are beginning to flicker into a flame. Our goal is to continue to marshal the momentum gained by OSA’s investment here in Rochester and to see the church move from affirmation that something needs to be done to actually participating in the doing. Please continue to pray for us.  Blessings to all who came to the OSA in ROC this summer, your labor was not in vain in the LORD! I’ll close with this scripture that God has given to me as a motive and encouragement; may it sow courage into your heart also.  2 Corth 4:13 “It is written: “I believed; therefore I have spoken.”…Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak,”  Jerry and I hope to see you in Jackson, Mississippi in November! We remain.

Yours for the Least of These,

Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford