The saints in Kissimmee are launching an all out assault on the proposed Planned Parenthood attempting to move into Kissimmee in a couple of months.  Here is Michelle Herzog’s report.

God willing, we will join the saints in Kissimmee, this June 11-14, 2014 to storm these gates of hell.

As many of you may already be aware, there is a proposed Planned Parenthood moving into the Kissimmee area, located at 610 Oak Commons Blvd. This will be a big one with 21 rooms, which means many little baby boys and girls will lose their lives at this location if opened!

On April 1st as many of you will remember, a call to action was put out to gather at the Commissioner’s meeting at the City Hall in Kissimmee.  A tremendous crowd turned out, so many, that it was standing room only, with the lobby packed with people as well.  For over two hours, concerned citizens spoke from their hearts with passion concerning the proposed mega P.P.

We have another opportunity as Christians, concerned citizens of Central Florida and surrounding areas, to band together with those in Kissimmee to voice our outrage, dismay and absolute concern at the proposed opening of this mega-Planned Parenthood. The effect on the community, the lives that will be broken from the aftermath of abortion and the lives lost through the act of abortion will be tremendous.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 6, there will be another Commissioner’s meeting at the City Hall in Kissimmee.  Let us join together, letting our voices be heard and our presence seen, alerting the community and the Commissioner’s of our concern over the proposed Planned Parenthood opening.  Let us encourage once again, the Commissioner’s to do what they can to STOP America’s largest abortion provider from gaining access into Kissimmee!

Place:  Kissimmee City Hall

            101 Church St, Kissimmee, FL