This just in from Jay Rogers in Kissimmee.  Today provides a great opportunity to pray that we WILL succeed in keeping abortion out of Kissimmee and Osceola County!   WE are still hoping to find a brief (2-3 minute) video depicting the typical scene outside of abortion clinics to show the Commissioners next Tuesday…   Also we have a full page ad coming out this Saturday morning (Osceola News Gazette) which will be a plea from at least 50 of our area physicians to the city (see the attached – it is only a draft)…  Please contact me ASAP if you know of other physicians whose names can be added!   Need to finalize by end of day today – THANKS and Blessings to all!

Attached please find the full page add the saints in Kissimmee, Florida, are taking out in the Osceola News Gazzette.

See you at the gates in Kissimmee, June 11-14, 2014.