You read it right!  Enjoy this article from Miss Pat!


TN Clinic Closes


This legal notice from Tallahassee newspaper says it all. They are closing!! A phone call to the killing mill gave us more info. The reason for the closure is lack of staff doctors.

Remember the story in the OSA newsletter about how much a determined few can accomplish? We met Matt Ferro, a student at FSU, Tallahassee at a pro-life conference. After learning about OSA Neighborhood visits to abortionists he asked if we would join him on his first neighborhood visit. A killer doctor was hiding in plain sight in Jacksonville. None of his clients or neighbors in Jacksonville knew that he drove three hours on Sunday to kill babies in Tallahassee. Matt drove three hours to Jacksonville, three of us from Orland/Melbourne drove three hours to join him and Matt became Abortionist Todd Rasner’s worst nightmare.

The abortionist asked Matt to come into his office and talk one on one. Telling Matt that “I knew you would show up some day,” Rasner made all the excuses that pro-abortion people use for shedding innocent blood but Matt would not be moved. He stood his ground and politely but firmly reminded Rasher of how God saw abortion and asked him to please stop.

We just learned that he did stop! Abortion will end when the Church of Jesus Christ says it will end. The Church is not a building it is people – people like Matt who stand firmly on God’s word and say “No. not in my town!!” How encouraging!!