Rusty Thomas and the saints in Waco, Texas, are allowing the theology of the Church house to become biography in the streets, and all of Waco is taking notice.  “We will no longer sit idly by while little children are sentenced to die.”  The church has come out of the closet and into the arena, championing the cause of the preborn child’s right to life.  Almost 100 moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, little boys and little girls, stormed the gates of hell yesterday as the church in Waco, Texas, celebrated their new  “ministry of proximity.”   God has orchestrated it so that these gentle Christians now have a house right next door to Waco’s only abortion mill.  This is God come close to those in crisis pregnancy situations.  

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KCEN TV news was one of the media outlets that interviewed us today at our press conference.  They are conducting a poll with the following question posed:

How do you feel about pro-life groups moving in next to Planned Parenthood in Waco?

Here are the results so far:

I support it – 63%

I oppose it – 27%

I have no opinion -10%

Here is the link. Please vote in support of this Christian/Pro-life effort in Waco.  

The following article was published in our local newspaper, the Waco Tribune Herald. The reporter, Cindy Culp, has always be professional and her reporting fair and balanced. We appreciate her objectivity.  

Abortion opponents lease house next to Waco’s Planned Parenthood clinic 

By Cindy V. Culp

Tribune-Herald staff writer

Abortion opponents held a news conference Thursday morning to announce that they are now leasing a house next door to the Planned Parenthood of Central Texas clinic on Columbus Avenue.

The idea is to create a “ministry of proximity,” said the Rev. Rusty Thomas, one of Waco’s most vocal anti-abortion opponents. In other cities, having a physical presence next to abortion clinics has aided activists’ mission of changing the minds of both women seeking abortions and clinic workers, he said.

 “We want folks to know God is not far off somewhere, unconcerned,” Thomas said.

The money for the lease is primarily being provided by a donor who wants to remain anonymous, said John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco. But the effort is a joint project of several local groups, including Pro-Life Waco, Thomas’ Elijah Ministries and some local pastors, he said.

Abortion opponents have long gathered in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic on days when abortions are done. Renting the house will help with the logistics of those protests, Thomas said. There is room for numerous vehicles to park on the property, plus activists can go inside to cool off, use the restroom or get a glass of water, he said.

By Bruce Garren

Who would have thought it could happen after four days of standing for the preborn in Jackson, Wyoming.  I certainly didn’t.  Jackson, Wyoming, is adamantly pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and pro any religion but Christianity.  Our reception in Jackson was less than hospitable as we allowed the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets in defense of preborn children.  They are being killed by abortionist Brent Allen Blue.  He is the lone abortionist in the state of Wyoming and, if he were to stop doing abortions, would make Wyoming the first abortion free state in America since January 22, 1973.

It was Saturday morning and I found some time to organize the signs we were using to depict the glory of life and the gruesome death that befalls the unborn children who have no one to defend them.  As I took each sign out and leaned it against the side of the truck I noticed a white SUV driving slowly through the parking lot of the motel where we were all staying.  Inside was an attractive woman in her late thirties and, next to her, a young girl perhaps ten years old.

When the car stopped I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It had been that kind of week in Jackson.  She asked if she could speak to me, so I turned and walked to the open car window.  Her eyes were moist with tears, and the little girl moved over next to her mother to listen to our conversation.

The mother explained that twenty years before, she was pregnant out of wedlock and had decided to get an abortion and end her baby’s life.  Just a few days before the abortion she had seen a person holding a graphic sign of an aborted baby.  Not only did it cause her to reconsider what she was about to do, she decided not to kill her baby.  Today, her oldest daughter is 20 years old.  She said that if it weren’t for people like us holding graphic signs, her daughter wouldn’t be alive today.

She said that the people who had been willing to hold these signs 20 years ago saved her daughter’s life.  She realized that we had not received much support from the folks in Jackson and wanted us to know how grateful she was that we had come to take a stand for life in her city.  The culture of death, as seen in abortionist Brent Blue, leads to death in so many different ways.  We reap what we sow.

By the time she finished thanking me, there were tears in my eyes as well as hers.  I told her that her gratitude was greatly appreciated by me and that I would share it with the others who had come to Jackson.  I told her that it had been a difficult week for all of us, by coming so far and receiving such little support from the community, but that we believed we had been called for ‘such a time as this.’

She said she was glad she could support us in a small way and again apologized for the lack of support from her city.  She smiled at me through her tears and drove away.  I am convinced that she was sent by God to encourage us all after a difficult but rewarding week standing for the unborn.

Anti-abortion group targets Jackson clinic
Joan Barron, Star-Tribune Capital Bureau

You have heard all about the violence taking place outside abortion mills.  The media can’t wait to jump all over this in order to paint gentle Christians as wild–eyed fanatics.  Never, however, does it cover the violence that goes on inside the mill.  Ripping little babies limb from limb with utter contempt for the life of a child and his mother.  Rarely does it cover the false reports of violence outside abortion mills by pro-aborts.  So many of the reports of vandalism and violence are perpetrated by those in the abortion industry itself.  Here is just one more evidence this fact.

This report was sent to us by Bill and Ruth Darr, faithful sidewalk counselors in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They also have a powerful radio show that airs weekly in Tulsa. 

by Bill Darr

On October 7, 2010, Linda Meek, former director of a Tulsa, Oklahoma abortion clinic, pled guilty to the federal charge of “Providing False and Misleading Information” in reporting a bomb scare at the Tulsa abortion clinic.  Meek, who was subsequently dismissed from her long-time role, faces a possible penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.00.  Sentencing is scheduled for January 7, 2011 according to a news release by the U. S. Attorney’s office in Tulsa.

On August 13, 2010, Meek, then the Director of Reproductive Services (Abortion Clinic), located at 6136 E. 32nd Place, reported to police that she heard a ticking sound in the outside trash container and thought it was a bomb.  What she failed to report, however, was that Linda Meek, herself, had earlier that day purchased an egg timer from  a department store.  Meek then proceeded to set the timer, place it in the trash container and call the police, reporting the “suspected bomb”.

Police response was quick and intense.  The street in front of the clinic was blocked from both directions; businesses were evacuated; the bomb squad investigated.  The ticking egg timer and Meek’s fraudulent telephone call, had Tulsa’s overtaxed police teams on high alert.

But a more thorough investigation uncovered this hoax.  In fact, federal charges were soon filed against Meek, herself.  She was caught redhanded.  Her statement, signed and released by Linda Meek, dated October 7, 2010 is included in attached media report.

One might question why Meek did such an act.  Was it simply arrogance?  Was it an attempt to harass  and demonize dedicated pro-life Christians who weekly reveal the truth of abortion at this abortion clinic?  Was it frustration that a pro-life lady fought and won, in court, a ticket accusing her of violating Tulsa’s “very subjective” noise ordinance, at this abortion clinic?

Regardless, dedicated Christians will continue to reveal the truth of “child sacrifice” at this awful killing center.