This call goes out to a young married couple, two young ladies or two young men who are committed Christians intent on ending the American holocaust. An opportunity has opened up in Waco, TX to do full time Christian/Pro-life service, eight hours a day, five days a week. It is a six month commitment. Room and board will be provided at a strategic location near Waco’s Planned Parenthood abortion mill.


·       Pastor’s recommendation letter and if already involved in pro-life   ministry a recommendation letter from the organization.

·       Submit to interview by overseers of this project.

·       Zeal to end abortion, but tempered with wisdom.

·       Speak the truth in love to those who either work or patronize Planned Parenthood.

·       Skilled in Scripture, Evangelism and prayer. The house will be a beachhead for prayer and intercession.

·       Though room and food will be provided, applicants must raise support for other needs.

To those interested in this Christian/Pro-life ministry opportunity contact Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas at 254-715-3134. We need to fulfill these positions ASAP