President Barack Obama is celebrating the month of June as National “Pride Month.”  He has issued this joyous proclamation inviting all of those enslaved in homosexual bondage or other sexually deviant behaviors to  come out of the closet and parade their sin like Sodom in cities across our nation.  What a brilliant thought, “…Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”

This devil may care attitude is found in both the Old (Isaiah 22:13) and New (1 Corinthians 15:32) Testaments.  It refers to a people who have utterly forsaken God and are doing their own thing – everyone doing what is right in his own eyes.  President Obama is our leader, and this is his self-chosen path.  Unfortunately God has a Word for us all.  “…Till your dying day this sin will not be atoned for, says the Lord, the Lord Almighty.”  Isaiah 22:14.

“If the devil throws a party, it is imperative the Church of Jesus Christ show up!”         ~ Flip

by Rev. Flip Benham

Believe it or not, those who scream “Tolerance” the most are really the most “Intolerant” of all.  Salisbury Pride, although inviting church groups and non-profits to buy booth space, has taken upon itself to be the ultimate censor of churches with whom it might disagree. 

Kerygma Church of Kannapolis, North Carolina, applied for booth space at the first annual Salisbury Pride event that it might pass out Bibles, water, and Gospel tracts.  This was the response we received yesterday, June 6, 2011.

“The Steering Committee has reviewed and considered your application to be a vendor at the 2011 Salisbury PRIDE Celebration. Unfortunately, we have concluded that the values and mission of this celebration and those of your organization are quite diverging. Therefore, we respectfully decline your offer to be a vendor at Salisbury PRIDE.


Salisbury PRIDE Celebration Steering Committee

So now, at least, the truth is known.  Salisbury Pride will not tolerate God, the Bible, Gospel tracts, or free water given out by Christians who love Jesus – the real Jesus!  Salisbury Pride is a blight upon this wonderful city.  It is at war with God and His Word.  If God shows up, He will ruin the orgy.  It is agonizingly hard for those enslaved to homosexual sodomy to enjoy their sin when they know that the piercing light and truth of Almighty God is exposing their fruitless deeds of darkness. 

So the devil is throwing a party in Salisbury on Saturday, June 25, 2011.  It is imperative that the true Church of Jesus Christ show up.  If we love our children, our city, and our nation, this censorious abomination must be confronted with the claims of Christ.    

Here is your invitation from Salisbury Pride.  Meet us there.  We will be the ones carrying our Bibles.

Saturday June 25, 2011

June 25th, 2011 will be Salisbury’s first Pride Celebration. We are excited to be the first city to kick off the 2011 Pride Events for North Carolina. Thanks for all of your support and we are looking forward to you being there as we make history in Salisbury, North Carolina. If you are not a member of our Fan Page on Facebook, please be sure to join so you can stay informed. ~The Salisbury Pride Committee

Location: E. Fisher St, Salisbury, NC (100 block in downtown Salisbury)

Setup: 7:00am – 11:00am

Festival: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Breakdown: 5:00pm – 7:00pm

“Festival events will include displays, music and entertainment, food, games for CHILDREN, and more. Vendors, shop owners, church, civic and non profit organizations interested in setting up booths at the event are encouraged to sign up.”

“Throughout the year, Salisbury-Rowan PFLAG does much in the community to foster good human relations, and we are committed to bringing forward awareness, appreciation and celebration of Salisbury’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender citizens. Salisbury Pride is an expression of that commitment.”

Mike Clawson, NC State coordinator and Event Vice Chairman Brandon Major, Event Chairman