I had the privilege of meeting Ryan Goskie on several occasions as we stormed the gates of hell at the Granite City abortion mill in Illinois.  Daniel and Angela Michael knew Ryan well.  He became one of their greatest adversaries as they stood for the lives of the children scheduled to die at the mill.   Though he did all he could to stop the Gospel proclamation, the saints in Granite City continue to have a powerful Gospel impact at Hope (Hopeless) Women’s Clinic in Granite City.  Thousands of babies have been saved from abortion, many clinic employees have quit, several others have come to know Christ, and business has been cut by more than half since our National Event in St. Louis in the summer of 2000.  The saints in St Louis have been living out their faith in the streets and God has blessed their efforts.  The gates of hell cannot prevail!

Ryan Goskie was 15 or 16 years old when I first met him.  He was a volunteer deathscort at the Hopeless abortion mill.  He was a very gifted and attractive young man with a sparkling personality.  He was, however, a young man looking for a reason to live and a purpose for his life.  I was privileged to share the Gospel of Christ with him more than once.  I know that the saints in Illinois, who also shared the Gospel with him, were harassed by him at almost every turn as Ryan turned his back upon God and rushed after the lust of his own flesh.  Ryan became a hardened scorner of God’s Word and a murderer of those too small to defend themselves.  His was a wasted life that the devil used to bring great destruction.  He ran from those who truly loved him (God most especially) into the arms of one who hated him and desired his death.

Ryan Goskie, died this week at the age of 25.  My heart breaks over him.  He had so much potential.  He had so many opportunities.    ~ Flip

Former Abortion Mill Director of Nurses

by Angela Michael

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Ryan arrogantly posturing inside the abortion mill

Ryan Goskie was only 25 years old.  Daniel and I warned him and spoke to him this past Saturday morning as he walked inside Hope Clinic abortion mill. He worked here per diem after quitting his fulltime position this past fall killing babies inside this late-term abortion mill for the past 8 years. He gave us no reaction. Ryan started as a volunteer deathscort and worked his way up with the feministic guidance of former godless career baby-killers inside the Midwest’s largest late-term abortion mill. Through the years we were kind to Ryan, but we still told him the truth in love. He repaid us by harassing our ultrasound van and summoning local police posing as meter maids to issue us outrageously priced parking tickets that we are still dealing with in the courts. He and Trish Wallis (another former abortion mill volunteer) would come to the Granite City parades to sit and watch the townsfolk, “Beat us up,” (as Ryan put it) when we asked him if he was there to help us. He pushed our young son to the ground when an ambulance pulled into the abortion mill garage to transport a butchered mother.

The obituary read that he died at a St. Louis area hospital where he sought medical treatment for gastrointestinal pain. I can’t help but think maybe it was his lifestyle that killed him. He appeared to be a misguided kid working at the local Weather Vane Ice Creme shoppe and volunteering at an abortion mill. He was flirting with the homosexual community as a deathscort. His obituary read that he left behind his partner Jason. After graduating from nursing school our worst fear was that he would train to replace the aging abortionist Yogendra Shah. Ryan helped kill babies inside Hope abortion mill and went as far as to boast on the internet that he personally trained residents at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on how to dismember babies in the womb. We don’t know how much truth is in that posting, but he enjoyed his time inside the abortion mill until we let the public know what he did in Granite City and asked for prayers. He soon quit this past November. Read “Director of Nurses Quits” www.smallvictoriesusa.com Ecclesiastes 7:2 “…death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.”

We noticed that the abortion mill was eerily quiet this past Tuesday, but attributed it to the heat wave we are currently experiencing. We now know it was because a fellow baby killer died, which hopefully will make those likeminded employees pause and rethink their position with the Lord and His laws. We never know when God will call us back. Whether we believe in God or not, every human being has an expiration date.

We noticed that there was no mention in the obituary that Ryan was a long time employee at Hope Clinic. Our prayer is that in Ryan’s final hours he came to know Jesus again and entered into full repentance for all the innocent blood his hands helped to shed.  May God comfort his grieving family and have mercy on Ryan’s soul.

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  1. Sarah says:

    How dare you say his life was wasted! He was someone’s child, someone’s love, someone’s brother, and someone’s best friend. Just because YOU do not agree with the way he lived his life doesn’t give you the right to judge him or stalk him. Yes, you are stalkers with no lives that preach what you call “god’s love” in the most hateful way possible. An eye for an eye, right? Need I remind you that you are a mere speck on this planet. While you have bothered me with the way you portrayed my friend on your silly little website there are literally thousands that loved Ryan for the loving soul he had. You weren’t given the authority to judge anyone. You are not God. Shame on you. I will pray for you all.

  2. Corina says:

    Ryan Goskie was a HERO to many people including myself! To think a Christian, as you call yourself, would even think to ones self, better yet say it aloud and post online for the world to see, that our heavenly father would take a young man’s life because of the work he did is outrageous! As you stated every human has an expiration date that’s preset, regardless of what anyone says, does, doesn’t do, or even lives their life, if the Lord says I or you are going to pass on June 11 2011 nothing will change that. Now with respect to that same belief, these unborn babies lives are the same way, now I know what you’re think ‘why would God allow someone to get pregnant just to have an abortion?’ Right? Well I’ll tell you! Just as everyone is put here for a reason and we all have a purpose, so do aborted babies, maybe because that pregnancy will change the mothers life, maybe something someone will say in reference to it will change her life, maybe she will learn she isn’t ready for children and start being more mindful of her actions, maybe she will learn she has a disease that may not have otherwise been found without this unwanted pregnancy, I cannot give you the exact reason for ever pregnancy that ends in abortion but I can tell you that our Lord is the most powerful being and as many babies have, if its not that babys time to go it would survive the procedure. Now one more point I would like to make on the topic of abortion before I get back to discussing Ryan. I know many many, if not all, prolifers believe that abortions ruin the life of the woman having the procedure but honestly think about it, abortions are most prevalent in poverty stricken areas so if these mothers had these children against their better judgement to abort wouldn’t that essentially ruin more than just the mothers life? It would! Help for all we know the mother may be on drugs and so babies born addicted to drugs or with fetal alcohol syndrome, handicapped for life, with family who can’t afford food / shelter/ basic needs, let alone medical care for their ill child, mother continues to do drugs because of the depression she now suffers by causing her child’s disability and not being able to provide for child, child is then subject to abuse, neglect, bullying, hungry, lack of education, drug use, etc etc etc. All of this could have been very different had my mother just aborted me like she had planned but some moron, like yourself, standing outside of the clinic talked her out of it telling her stories of puppies, kittens, and sunshine instead of reality! Had she went thru with the abortion, the clinic which drug tests, refers to other facilities and follows up would have discovered her drug use and gotten her help! Then once my mother was well and had finished her education, moved into her own home or apartment, find a good man, have a career, get married, and THEN when she is ready, have a baby! But when people who don’t know the full circumstances of anyone’s situation guilt women into having children it doesnt effect them for the rest of their lives no not at all, they forget about these woman and children, when in reality they are ruining the lives of the pregnant woman and the going to be born out or guilt unwanted child! So look in the mirror, are you proud, thank god more people go thru with abortions than there are being guilted into having babies! But just think about all the woman you alone have talked out of it, then multiply that number by two (at least) and that’s the minimum number of lives you have ruined! PROUD?

    Ryan, he did Gods work, at 15 years old he was already a very wise soul,volunteering his time to help women. Always there to help, and comfort, holding hands, talking with, protecting from protesters who take it too far, providing some support in a very cruel world. He was beyond compassionate for every living thing, people, children, animals etc! He had a lust for life, a desire for knowledge, and an unyielding love for nursing. I cannot put into words and truly make anyone understand but he is a true inspiration and my hero!

    My heart goes out to his family and I hope they know that he has millions more supporters than he could have ever had of uneducated, judgmental, so called Christian, pro-hate, hates!





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