Kirsten Salzano asked me a question that I felt needed a very direct answer that would expose the truth as to why these new “teen” TV specials never deal with teens getting abortions and the wonders thereof.

Kirsten is a wonderful friend of this ministry and was saved out of the abortion industry in Dallas, Texas.  She was the director of the A-Z abortion mill in Dallas, Texas.  Mark Gabriel had much to do with her coming to Christ.  She has become an eloquent spokesperson and witness for King Jesus.  She asked me a very poignant question.   ~ Flip

Hey Flip,

Hope all is well!  I was reading the email about Mark.  I have been talking to a group of teens from Alee’s church.  One of them noticed something.  There are two “teen” shows on, “16 and Pregnant”, and “Secret life of American teens.”  What one of the girls, who admits to watching them noticed is, they have gone as far as to show 15 year olds pregnant, one is reality show, one is a drama, but they have never shown a teen make the choice of abortion.  Why do you think that is?  I don’t think it’s being politically correct (they passed that line a LONG time ago).  One couple did choose adoption, and it followed them after their open adoption…I just wonder why we aren’t seeing reality shows about abortion.  As sick as that is, it wouldn’t shock me if PP tried to make money off of it.


Dear Kirsten,

You have a good point.  Why don’t these shows ever deal with a teen that chooses an abortion and show how happy she is that she killed her own child.  I’ll tell you why.  No matter how much they will deny it, there is a “spiritual gravity” just as true and absolute as the “physical law of gravity” which applies to all people on this planet, at all times, in every place.  That spiritual gravity is found in Proverbs 28:17, “A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let no one support him.”

No matter what you do or how hard you try do deny, justify, rationalize, or play the role of a victim with abortion; you will become its fugitive.  Yes, that which you were promised would set you free (abortion) will become a ball and chain around your neck dragging you into the depths of despair, despond, and depression.  You will not be able to make the voices go away.  Like a python wrapping itself around you until it squeezes out every last breath of freedom, you will find that what the Bibles says is true – you will become sin’s fugitive. 

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.  Yet the devil himself, the very one who promised that abortion would set you free, will become your biggest and loudest accuser.  He will jump on you as soon as you walk out the abortion mill door and tell you that what you have done is so evil, so vile, so wicked that not even God can forgive you.  He will scream into your mind and heart that you have committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and can never be forgiven.  He is such a liar, but you will believe what he says.

Your self-loathing will know no bounds.  You will do anything to make the voices go away but you won’t be able to silence them.  Your abortion will haunt you for the rest of your life.  You will find that you can’t drink enough margaritas to assuage your guilty conscience, not enough relationships with other men, not enough money, not enough fame, not enough education.  There is not enough Zoloft and Prozac, nor are there enough hours on a psychiatrist’s couch to fix the fix that you put yourself in.

God says, “You will be a fugitive until death.”  There is no way out.  Abortion does not bring happiness, only relief, and that only for a short time. The moment of your abortion is the best you will ever feel about it.  The rest is misery.  There is no happy ending.  Abortion cannot be redeemed.  Even those doing TV reality shows or dramas realize this.  They cannot somehow paint abortion as a good thing that brings happiness and joy.

So pay attention to what these TV shows are saying.  There is not enough lipstick in hell to cover-up the ugliness of this pig and make into something beautiful.  Again, abortion cannot be redeemed – only repented of.

Thank God for Jesus, huh Kirsten!  “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  He is the only answer God has provided to pay the penalty for our sin.  “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  It is in Jesus and Jesus alone that God can break the chains of sin and death – no longer a fugitive but God’s free man.  The spiritual gravity that makes one a fugitive is overcome by the One who sets us free.

In Christian love,