We all prayed for Dale and Michelle Sochia to be blessed with another child at our National Event in Charlotte last summer.  From her miraculous conception to this very day baby Abigail has been a powerful voice for her preborn brothers and sisters.  She has won the hearts of all in the Capital building of the state of Louisiana.  God Himself has given her a platform to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Enjoy!   ~ Flip  

by Dale Sochia

Well, we knew Abigail was going to be something special right from the beginning.  Starting from having hands laid on us and trusting God we would conceive, to the rocky road of pregnancy.  While during the whole time, trusting God and watching Him show up and thwart the devil at every turn.

Things being challenging throughout, turned very interesting toward the end of March.  While getting ready one morning, the Lord told me in my heart to “take my daughter to the abortion clinic.”  My reply to the Lord was, “Lord you know me, all my children have been brought up and encamped at the gates of hell; you know I’ll bring her there.”  But, maybe he wanted me to bring Michelle there while pregnant and still on limited activity.  By that afternoon it was very clear to me what the Lord meant.  When we received the 4-D ultrasound picture it was one of the most testifying things I’ve ever seen.  That picture!  God wanted me to bring this picture (which I have attached) to the clinic and introduce the women going in to kill their babies to my daughter, Abigail.  On the first day FOUR woman turned away!! Over the next few weeks some 12 woman, after seeing Abigail’s 4-D picture, made the choice to keep their children!  PRAISE GOD!!

Fast forward, as many of you have read in the latest OSA news letter, Baby Abigail visited the Capitol of Louisiana as our bill to ban ALL abortion was being heard in committee.  We had front row seats, which meant anyone watching this in any other places in the Capitol saw baby Abigail.  I filled out a card for Abigail to speak, and when they called her, she spoke louder than words!  Just her being present, and then showing her to all in the room, did I then make this statement, “Baby Abigail is here to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!”  I turned to show all in the room, and the chairwoman, Mrs. Katz, then replied with this statement, “What a well-behaved baby, and I believe the YOUNGEST person ever to speak at the State Capitol!”  When I left that room I had people coming up to me as if they knew Abigail personally and asking to see her … I mean groups of people!!

Well, that brings me to this week.  Our bill was to be heard on the house floor on Tuesday, so off to the Capitol we went.  Upon arriving, I scooped up Abigail and made my way to the entrance.  The first time we went there, we had to unload everything for the security … our pockets, phones, diaper bag, baby blanket, etc …  But that  morning, when I came through the door, the security person said (and I quote), “Oh, come right on through, don’t worry about doing anything, WE KNOW HER …”.  I said to them, “Excuse me?” Then their reply was, “We all know Baby Abigail here, come right on through with her!”  I felt like I was on Candid Camera, but that couldn’t be, they even knew Abigail as they called her by name!  Then, they wanted to see her!  They said she has been all over the news, and newspapers, and all know her.  So if ever in Baton Rouge to visit the State Capitol, bring Abigail, she  has “Special Clearance”.