Here are some more pictures of Rachael’s Park Memorial and TV interviews Rusty did. ~ Flip

by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

The following are the two interviews revealing the attack against Rachel’s Park Memorial. Some of the information is not accurate, but the sin and crime of abortion is front and center in Waco, TX where it needs to be.

Channel 25


A young man, who was the first father to honor the loss of his child through his sin, recently received ministry at the park. When he found out about its desecration he wrote, “This is horrible, we went out with Bonnie two nights ago and visited the memorial with our youngest son. I thank you again and appreciate your ministry. And would like to help in any way possible in repairing and cleaning up the destruction that was done to this beautiful memorial for the innocence.”

May God continue to turn to good, the evil committed against Him and His little ones.