Mark and Lisa Metzger, home school parents of nine children, have been lifting up the Gospel of Christ with us at the gates of hell here in the city of Charlotte for the past year and a half.  They have presented a brilliant witness of Christ’s love for mothers in crisis pregnancy situations, and many have chosen life as a result of their efforts.

Lisa wrote an article on the “Stalking” charge levied against me this past week.  God has given Lisa a gift to write and write well.  Here is a charge I left with her:

“There is, in case you haven’t noticed, a concerted and systematic effort by our government to remove the Gospel of Christ from the streets of America.  Please keep researching and let’s see if we cannot begin to paint a true and “living parable” of what is happening to the Christian witness at the gates of hell!  What is happening here in Charlotte is a proto-type of what the enemies of Christ would like to do all over the country.”

Enjoy! ~ Flip

by Lisa Metzger

* Flip Benham has been forbade to publish the name of the abortionist who brought this lawsuit against him.  In this article the abortionist is referred to as “Abortionist ____”.

The American Heritage Dictionary: Stalking – v. To follow or observe a person persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.

When most people imagine an occurrence of stalking, they imagine one individual aggressively pursuing another; a perpetrator and a victim; one whose obsession propelled him to eerily observe, pursue and harass his victim with the intention of capturing or overtaking him.  However, when a target has already been placed on your chest because you choose to be a vocal spokesman of God, stalking is determined to be any action that causes another person to feel vaguely threatened or fearful.

Rev. Flip Benham was found guilty in November 2010 of stalking and disturbing the tranquility of Abortionist _____, simply due to the fact that he distributed a flier that called others to pray for the salvation of two of Charlotte’s abortionists, Drs. ____ and Harris.  This blanketing of fliers around the abortion clinics and doctors’ homes consequently exposed the darkness of their careers as hired killers.  In urging these abortionists to find salvation in Jesus, ridiculous charges of stalking were filed with the intent of silencing Flip while artfully mocking the God he serves.

The appeal of November’s verdict was heard in the Mecklenburg County Superior court this past week.  Many motions were made by both the defense and the prosecution.  The judge heard both sides, and initially ruled somewhat favorably for the defense. The primary victory on day one was when the judge wholly dismissed the charge of “disturbing the tranquility”. A brand new law adopted in December, 2009, to remove the Gospel witness from “health clinics” in North Carolina.

Despite that bogus charge being lifted by the judge, he was unyielding in refusing to allow the defense to admit certain items into evidence that would have substantiated Flip’s commitment to peaceful and Biblical proclamation of truth.

The first item that the defense team was not allowed to admit into evidence was the poster of Baby Collin.  This precious and smiling black baby boy was saved from an abortion mill in Charlotte where Abortionist _____ kills babies.  This same child was ironically delivered by Abortionist _____, who happened to be the obstetrician on call the night that Colin was born.  The very doctor, who easily could have been the abortionist scheduled to take the life of this precious boy, was the doctor who was present when Colin drew his first breath!

The second inadmissible item was a brochure called, Why We Don’t Shoot Abortionists and Blow up Abortion Mills. This was a brochure written by Flip in 1993 to dispel national media headlines that grouped all pro-lifers with a handful of individuals who committed acts of violence against abortion providers.  The judge deemed these two potentially exonerating pieces of evidence as being likely to “prejudice the jury.” The irony, however, is that the judge allowed the State to admit into evidence a “wanted poster”, also from 1993, that had absolutely no connection to Flip whatsoever.

During the trial, Abortionist _____ and his wife were called by the prosecution to testify about the fear they felt as these fliers made their way around their neighborhood and Abortionist _____ ‘s place of business.  As feelings of emotional duress were shrouded behind tears, and as the drama of the events was magnified, those who were present in support of Flip could clearly see that the testimony did not align with the evidence presented in his defense.

First, Abortionist _____ was supposedly so afraid for his life and the life of his family, yet he chose to keep all client appointments at the clinic before calling for help.  In his supposed fear, he chose not to call emergency responders.  Instead, he chose to call Detective Harris of the Domestic Terrorism Division Of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department – his comrade in silencing free speech.

Second, the distribution of fliers was a collaborative effort of numerous other pro-lifers, yet only one man was charged – the man so often at the forefront of these battles between the darkness of abortion and the light of Jesus.  This was assuredly a case of selective prosecution, in order to increase their chances for a conviction of a primary front line pro-lifer, which would set precedence for future lawsuits against pro-lifers who stand as the voice of these defenseless little ones.

Third, there are two abortionists pictured on the Gospel flier in question – Abortionist _____ and Dr. Harris.  Each time that the defense mentioned the second abortionist, the prosecution would repeatedly object to the mention of his name.  Why?  Because Dr. Harris had no reason to fear Flip and therefore did not file stalking charges against him.  Both of these abortionists were pictured on the flier; both of these abortionists had their office blanketed with fliers; both of these abortionists’ neighborhoods were alerted of their bloody occupations, yet only one of these men accused Flip of stalking.

The truth is that Abortionist _____ was intent on having Flip Benham convicted of a crime, with the expectation that other saints of God would be fearful of prosecution and would keep silent, therefore permanently removing the Gospel presence from the streets of this city.  Permanent silence outside of all Charlotte area abortion mills was Abortionist _____’s sole motivation.

Those who have come to love and respect Flip Benham will easily be able to visualize him taking the stand as a defendant in a court trial.  During his time on the stand, Rev. Benham was able to share the gospel succinctly and without reservation in the godless courtroom full of accusers.  Flip’s supporters, who were in attendance, readily confirmed that God’s Truth and Hope was thoughtfully woven into even the simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.  His heart for the lost, including Abortionist _____, was evident for all to see.   Through Flip’s unashamed testimony, the Gospel was preached, abortion was called murder and the peaceful presence of those that offer help and hope in front of abortion mills was described for judge and jury to hear.

After the closing arguments were complete, the jury deliberated and Reverend Flip Benham was found guilty of stalking.  The defense is appealing this contemptuous verdict to the appellate court, on Flip’s behalf.  Upon the filing of the appeal, all sentencing was removed or postponed barring certain restrictions that were left in place.  While Flip is not allowed within 500 feet of two Charlotte area abortion mills, where Abortionist _____ kills, he is allowed to go to the mill on Latrobe Drive.  Since simple Christians have been going out to the abortion mills six days a week, Charlotte has witnessed 1,053 babies saved in the past two and a half years.  Certainly, these numbers have contributed to the anger, bitterness and hate that the local abortion providers and death supporters feel toward the Christians who proclaim the Truth on the sidewalks outside of these abortion mills.

Interestingly, Flip Benham is the first person to be prosecuted under North Carolina’s new definition of stalking.  Is this really just a mere coincidence?  God’s people wisely discern otherwise.


When broadening the confines of the former stalking law in North Carolina, it was stated that the expansion was to protect victims of stalking.  However, the extensive definition of this law is basically anti-hate speech rhetoric that can be used to prosecute anyone whose message contradicts godless lifestyles.  Unintended consequences – or was it intentional?

The statute states that the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a stalking statute that “permits the criminal justice system to hold stalkers accountable for a wide range of acts, communications, and conduct.” A stalker is defined specifically as, “A person [who] commits the offense of stalking if the person willfully on more than one occasion follows or is in the presence of, or otherwise harasses, another person without legal purpose and with the intent to do any of the following: (1) Place that person in reasonable fear either for the person’s safety or the safety of the person’s immediate family or close personal associates. (2) Cause that person to suffer substantial emotional distress by placing that person in fear of death, bodily injury, or continued harassment, and that in fact causes that person substantial emotional distress.”

Basically, an individual could be accused and convicted of stalking if their accuser is able to prove that they feared for their lives in some way, shape or form. In this law, subjective feelings can overrule what should be a clearly defined objective law.

“An objective law protects a country’s freedom; only a non-objective law can give a statist the chance he seeks: a chance to impose his arbitrary will—his policies, his decisions, his interpretations, his enforcement, his punishment or favor—on disarmed, defenseless victims. He does not have to exercise his power too frequently nor too openly; he merely has to have it and let his victims know that he has it; fear will do the rest.”

“Antitrust: The Rule of Unreason,” The Voice of Reason

The basis of a free society is for the common citizen to posses certain objective rights.  These inalienable rights that we hold as Americans should not be allowed to be overruled solely on the subjective feelings of an accuser.  Objective law allows for the protection of individual rights. Subjective law allows for an accuser’s feelings to convict another.


The entirety of the expansion of the North Carolina General Assembly’s law on stalking sets the stage for future prosecutions against other Gospel preachers or pro-lifers who bring heavenly fear into the hearts of those who seek to kill and destroy.  It is as if this law that was originally intended to protect true victims of stalking and abuse was transformed into a law to be used against anyone whose message speaks the truth about those who are wallowing in a sin. 

The wisdom of this world has dictated that it is in the State’s best interest to prosecute gentle Christians under such a broad law, instead of zealously protecting their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Let us join together in praying that the falsified fear on which Abortionist _____ has based this erroneous stalking charge, be replaced by a genuine Biblical fear of God.  Let a new respect and awe for the Almighty God be the driving force behind the righteous vindication of Flip in his next appeal!

“The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.” – Psalm 19:9