If you think that what is happening in Charlotte to remove the Gospel of Christ from the gates of hell and shove it back into the closet is an anomaly, you are mistaken.  What is happening here will be happening all over our nation.  The city of Charlotte and the abortion industry are colluding to remove every last vestige of the Christian witness outside abortion mills.

New laws or the legislative broadening of existing laws is suffocating every last breath of American liberty from her lungs.  Like a python slowly constricting around its prey to kill it and then devour it, the unholy union between our city and the abortion industry is intent on ending all First Amendment freedoms of those who follow hard after Christ.  If you stay in the church – good.  Come out of the church – jail.

Since October 27, 2008, there have been 1053 babies saved from death because simple little Christians have been living out their faith every day at the three abortion mills in the city of Charlotte.  They are giving mothers a real choice.  Hundreds have given their hearts to Christ.  Many more have rededicated themselves to follow Jesus.  Abortionists have quit this grizzly business, choosing to use the wonderful gifts God has given them to bring life rather than death.  Many abortion mill employees have quit.  Some have given their hearts to Christ.  Yes, the Light of the Gospel is piercing the darkness of the abortion industry.  And it is as mad as hell is!

The gates of hell simply cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ.

Click Here for an article written by Franco Ordonez in the Charlotte Observer on Saturday, July 2, 2011.

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