The National Organization for Women (NOW) made a national call for activists to show up in Orlando to stop pro-life terrorism at the five abortion mills in Orlando, Florida.  Almost seven of them showed up at our National Event.  I say almost because some of them were so old, worn-out, and feeble that they could barely get around.  At one time NOW could make an announcement like this and hundreds would show up.  Not anymore.  NOW is very aware that the battle for the lives of children in the womb is being won by simple Christians living out their faith in the streets. 

NOW has no ability to stymie the love of Christ, nor does it appear to have the desire to continue hitting its ugly head against the Rock that gives “living water.” ~ Flip

Here is the NOW call to action: Anti-Abortion Rights Terrorism Is Coming. Will You Help?

NOW Statement: Domestic terrorist group Operation Rescue/Operation Save America is staging another national mobilization against abortion rights in Orlando July 16 through July 23. Join NOW activists and allies to stand proudly and peacefully for women’s fundamental right to choose abortion.