This just in from Angela Michael after spending the week with us in Orlando, Florida.  God’s judgment for Casey Anthony began the moment she “chose” her right to “Bella Vida” (the good life) which eclipsed little Caylee Marie’s right to any life at all.  There is a law of spiritual gravity that is as absolute as the law of gravity on this earth.  It applies to all people, at all places, at all times.  You may disagree with it, but that does not change its absolute effect upon you.

Yes, a final judgment remains for Casey Anthony but her judgment has already begun.  It is a spiritual gravity as certain and as objectively true as the physical law of gravity.  “A man tormented by the guilt of murder will become a fugitive until death; let no one support him.”  Proverbs 28:17.  That which Casey thought was going to set her free to do whatever she wanted to do, has already become a ball and chain around her neck dragging her into the depths of despair, despond, and depression.  There won’t be enough Margaritas to assuage her guilty conscience, not enough lines of cocaine she can snort, not enough relationships with other men, not enough hours on a psychiatrist’s couch, not enough money, not enough education, not enough fame, not enough Zoloft or Prozac, to make her pain go away. 

The way she thought would set her free, has made her a fugitive – a slave until death.  God has given us Casey Anthony to bring us into a full blown realization of what happens when a mother aborts (kills) her own child.  The courts of this world may say it is legal or give one a “Not Guilty” verdict, but in God’s court the judgment has already begun.       ~ Flip

by Angela Michael

Beautiful Florida skies turned to threatening rain storms as we set out on a pilgrimage to the area where little two year old Caylee Anthony was entombed. It was not far from our hotel amazingly, and the jailhouse which housed her mother Casey Anthony was in proximity too. As we drove deeper into the secluded area off the Anthony’s subdivision, sprinkles started. Hannah joined me as we gazed at the makeshift shrine to honor this innocent little girl’s short life. Balloons, stuffed bears, and cute animals grazed the swap-like area. It was overwhelming to view so many tokens of love for this little one. And the heartfelt messages really drove it home. Only hours after the verdict of “not guilty” was declared, lightning struck the tree where her little body was tossed like a piece of garbage.

You could see the missing bark and messages written on the tree in Caylee’s honor. A huge marble and wooden cross bared her name. Another couple was taking pictures and admiring the stuffed animals and balloons. They too could not understand the injustice but appreciated the display of love by caring people across the continent as we viewed notes and cards from travelers as far as Germany and Ireland. Our little girl began asking, “Why mommy why?” She did not understand how a mommy could hurt her baby and leave her tiny body in a watery bug-infested grave. Nor could we, but as adults, we realize this happens everyday. This is the inhumane treatment of children. It begins in the womb and ends up out on the streets. Mother Teresa quoted “If we allow a mother to kill her own child how can we tell others not to kill?” We as a society have forced fed violence in the womb as a “choice” and yet we are shocked to see such inexcusable abuse and neglect of a two year old. The difference is only the location. Caylee was murdered and entombed in her mother’s trunk, and eventually dumped in a swamp-like grave.

Abortion mills torture and murder babies behind closed doors. They are delivered in a toilet to drown or have their necks broken or delivered in pieces. They are usually discarded like trash either in the sewers or landfills: that which is not sold for medical research or cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. Yes, it’s detestable what this little two year old endured. How can anyone harm a child? But we allow it everyday inside abortion mills. Can we make the connection? Or continue in denial? It really is true as they say in the real estate. “The location determines the value”. The same can be said of children, unfortunately. What really caught our attention was the big tree at the entrance of Caylee’s watery grave. A sign was posted to trespassers and someone had added to the warning stating “No dumping of innocent beautiful children!!!” It’s a shame that we cannot protect our children. And yet they are entitled to the same full protection as their mothers. It started sprinkling again, it was a sad place even with the festive colors of balloons and gift wrap; a child was dead, taken from this world far too soon and a baby killer at large. I held Hannah’s little hand a little tighter and as we turned to walk away she noticed my eyes full of tears, “It’s okay Mommy” she said. My eye caught a poster, which summed our wake for all the innocents “Justice Has Failed, But Judgment Remains”…  I commented to a local woman visiting the sight, “Please, don’t ever let this community forget.” Maybe, just maybe, God can use this to open our hearts and minds to the senseless act of child-killing and connect the dots.                                                                                                                  


Proverbs 17:15Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent- the LORD detests them both.

In light of the controversial acquittal of Casey Anthony, who was accused of killing her adorable 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Rascal Flatts lead singer, Gary LeVox, co-penned a tribute song called ‘She’s Going Places’ to the little girl.

CLICK HERE to hear this song.