Ms. Magazine is obviously reporting on an event that never took place, except in the wide open spaces of their very small minds.  Jay Rogers said this about their infantile reportage: “These articles are interesting to see how the pro-abortion rights advocates think. They’ll accuse pro-life evangelsits of misinformation, but then they will distort the facts constantly. They begin by saying that only 40 people showed up for the OSA event on Saturday morning (it didn’t being until Saturday night!) and try to tie OSA leaders to violent groups even while every participant is required to sign an oath on non-violence. They don’t mention a thing about abortionist James Pendergraft’s trial, which occurred in Orlando the same week. Yet this is a great example of the type of abuse against women that MS. magazine and FMF supposedly crusade against — not to mention the real documented violence and abuse against women and born children in Pendergraft’s abortion mills. It’s interesting to see what the pro-aborts think about pro-life evangelists and the names they mention when they do mention names.

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