See the new and serpentine ways Granite City is seeking to silence the Gospel of Christ at its most favored business – the abortion mill.  ~ Flip


“City of Slaughter” latest ploy to silence the truth

Isaiah 59:14 “So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance: Truth has stumbled into the streets and honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.”

There are three things that Granite Cityabhors: homeless people, couches on front porches, and pro-life activists; and all three have been banned from this deplorable town. That is how the gestapo and city officials deal with the issue of abortion. Rather than deal with the message, they attack the messenger. All three are treated as “undesirables”. For years now, many editorials have been written pointing out the war Granite Cityhas declared upon freedom of speech and pro-lifers. These editorials have called for the city to address the real problem, that being the abortion industry in clear eyeshot of city hall. (  

Over 400,000 babies have been slaughtered in this city since 1974. Many women have been butchered, some have died, and lawsuits have been filed. Far too many underage girls have been brought over state lines to “get rid of the evidence” from child rapists; underreporting is rampant. ( ) Short of calling it a “drug cartel”, there seems to be a constant problem inside Hope Clinic with substance abuse, missing drugs, theft, and petty crimes by abortion mill staffers. Meanwhile, city officials have tried beautifying this blue-collar, gritty town with million dollar makeovers, but you can’t cover up a cancer and expect it to go away. How can God bless a city that allows the slaughter of thousands of innocent babies? Their blood cries out from the ground, Genesis 4:10.

Today as we pulled up to the crime scene outside theMidwest’s largest, late-term baby dumping mill, we viewed three blocks of handicapped-only parking. The only entrance to the hospital on this side of the street already has ample handicapped parking spaces nearby. This means our vital ultrasound/pregnancy resource van will have to find parking two blocks over from the slaughterhouse.

We had heard rumblings over the spring and even a month ago that half of our street in front of the abortion mill was sold to the hospital from the city through closed door negotiations. If one Granitonian would have been invited to that meeting and opposed, it would have been thwarted. Thus, half of 21st street has been paved into a parking lot. Funny thing is the hospital employee lot just west of the mill is half bare. This is just the latest “ploy” to attempt to dissuade our lifesaving efforts and pregnancy resource outreach to mothers and babies in need. Let’s face it: there is no free help or hope in Granite City.                                                                                                          ( )

There is another hands-on-ministry, Jesus’ Place, a store front soup kitchen and worship center led by Pastor Larry. Through the years, he has struggled with funding and political persecution from city officials and police in order to be a refuge for the homeless and hungry who find themselves wandering in the City ofSlaughter. They, too, are unwelcomed. Thus,Granite Citydeals with them by giving the homeless “river rides” or “wharf rides”. TheGranite Citygestapo beats them up, drives them over to the Mississippi Riverfront, and drops them off after removing their shoes and throwing them into the river, ultimately making it harder for the homeless to walk their way back to the City ofSlaughter. So much for being our brother’s keeper.

This leads me to the third unwelcomed subject inGranite City: ratty porch couches. Personally, they are just part of the mosaic of Granite City, not much of a threat or dangerous. Enough said. The real blight is the abortion mill which draws all 50 states to its doors. It speaks volumes when a corrupt city can take public parking away from the only resource for pregnant women and their babies that are scheduled to die that day. We have been targeted by police. It tells others how powerful that ultrasound van and the ministry are when a city must ban them from the streets. Over 19 years of daily ministering and witnessing, the devil has tried everything to deter and get rid of us, but we were called for such a time as this. Whether we have a street or not, we will still be there, rescuing babies, saving lives, and making a difference inGranite City.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9 “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

God will use this for His glory too.

 Be encouraged ~Angela