Please pray for the folks that took such great care of us at our hotel in Orlando.  Since we left, there have been some terrible things happening there.  This just in from Miss Pat. ~ Flip

The area we were in has been in the news a lot lately and I think we should pray for the people we met there.

· Last week there was a fatal shooting at a hotel ( Best Western) right up Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) from us.

· Tuesday the Sunoco station right up OBT, that has the MacDonald’s in it,( we stopped one night after rally) was the scene of a fiery crash – a young mother on drugs drove right into a gas pump and it exploded.  Onlookers were able to drag her and her baby out of the car.  They showed it and it was a huge fire ball!!

· Tonight the section of OBT near the hotel is closed down because of a three car crash where three people were killed instantly and two more are critical.  We all know how scary that road can be with I-4 coming off right there.  

Miss you all- can’t wait until Feb!

Miss Pat