We received some disheartening news from Tom Raddell this afternoon. Please continue praying for his granddaughter Emmi and the entire Raddell family during this difficult time. Here is Mike Warren’s report. ~ Flip

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

We just received news that the medical crisis that Tom Raddell’s granddaughter Emmi is facing has escalated. Over the past weeks Emmi has been going through preparations for a bone marrow transplant and recently had the actual transplant.. News was received today that this transplant has not taken and Emmi is in difficult straits. It is uncertain that her little body can take the necessary preparation and another transplant procedure. Please pray for Emmi and the Raddell family. Especially Emmi’s parents who are facing the stress of caring for and walking their little one through this, while caring for their home and other child. These last weeks they have been with Emmi at the hospital in Minnesota. Pray for grandparents, Tom and Jeannie, as they look to be a source of strength for their son and daugher-in-law.

Jeannie is just now returning home after out of town with the family these last few weeks. May this dear family find comfort in the everlasting strong arms of our dear Lord and Savior.

In Jesus,

Mike Warren