Personhood is on the move in the state of Ohio.  Men are unsheathing the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) to cut the throat of the abortion industry and render it dead, Dead, DEAD!  Thank God the state of Ohio has some Godly men who have not fallen into the devil’s deceitful trap of praising the “Ohio Heartbeat Law,” which may indeed save some babies but will never deal with the sinof abortion.  The ‘Ohio Heartbeat Beat Law” represents the same old tired and failed political strategy the pro-life movement has been initiating for the past thirty-nine years. 

Incremental legislation is a failure because it always ends with the unwritten seven word caveat, “…and then you can kill the baby.”  It is a failure because it uses the devil’s means to accomplish God’s ends.  The devil is the ultimate incrementalist.  It is a failure because it never allows us to wield the Sword of the Spirit.  God’s powerful Word is left in its sheathe.  It is a failure because it always seeks compromise.  It is never a good idea to compromise God’s Word.  It is a failure because the devil himself would sign every piece of the incremental legislation we have come up with so far.

Yes, that includes the big three exception clauses (rape, incest, life of the mother).  It includes parental notification, the 24 hour waiting period, parental consent, fetal pain bill, partial birth abortion ban, infant born alive act, Ohio heartbeat law, ad nauseam.  All of these may save some babies, but they will never end abortion.  Even Dr. Dobson, a strong supporter of all this incremental legislation, admitted that, “…the Partial Birth Abortion Ban would not save one baby.” 

None of these pieces of incremental legislation, no matter how well-intentioned, deal with the sin of abortion.  They are simply an attempt to regulate it so that a mother can still kill her baby, and feel good about it.  That’s right!  The upshot of all this feverish incremental legislation has resulted in mother’s feeling good about killing their own babies.  Unintended consequences anyone?

The one piece of  political legislation – the only legislation we will support and work hard to get passed – is that which allows us to unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit (God’s Word).  Personhood is that legislation.  It deals with the sin of abortion.  It stops all compromise – let God be true and every man a liar.  It elicits God’s Help – He promises to watch over His Word to perform it.  It spells and end to the devil’s deceitfulness – the Word of God exposes the lie.  It protects every child – no matter how small.  The gates of hell cannot prevail against this.

“Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end – and not one second sooner.”   

Thank you Jesus for the Godly men in Ohio.  Pray for them.

In Christian love,


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