Yes, nobody brings praise to the Name of Jesus like Tim Tebow does.  Nobody that is, except for the folks who praise the Lord for His miracles every day they are out at the abortion mills standing in the gap on behalf of our Lord’s precious preborn babies.  They face the giant of abortion every day they are at the mill.  To put an end to him and his reign of terror seems impossible.  They run to the roar anyway, keeping their eyes fixed on the one who is unseen.  As they unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit, they witness the hand of Almighty God at work as He snatches so many from the jaws of death.  They witness abortion industry employees (doctors, nurses, security guards, giving their hearts to Christ.  They witness abortion mill after abortion mill closing its doors for good.

Oh yeah!  These folks know how to bring praise to our Lord and King, for nothing is impossible with God.  The microphone, however,  was before Tim last night.  He hit the ball out of the park and we are all blessed that a member of our family stood strong for Jesus.  But it was only a football game.  Tim’s mom chose life for him even though it might have cost her own.  The doctors advised abortion.  The angels in heaven rejoiced as Tim’s mom and dad, in the loneliness and awesomeness of that time, gave their yes and amen to Almighty God.

Long before the press conference last night, a far more important press conference took place.  Mom and dad said yes to God, and there arose in heaven a mighty roar!

Here is Marilyn Carroll’s account of Tim Tebow’s post game press conference after the Denver Broncos defeated the New York Jets last night.  She is so happy that Tim stood up in the Name of Jesus.  Little does she know, nor does it ever cross her mind, that God is standing up for her every time she goes to the abortion mill. ~ Flip


Saints: The announcer said last night there is something “magical” about this kid, its not magical, its JESUS! “Whatever it is , he’s got it and this team team miraculously got to 500 with their team at home.” After the game both teams were kneeling in a circle in prayer with Tebow. The first thing he said on TV after the game was “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” He also said “God has blessed me with  so much including my family and friends. We’re blessed to have a bunch of good receivers. We just need to keep believing, one day at a time. I do this because of the way my parents always preached to me to always get back up and keep believing when you are knocked down. ” Tebow went on to say he likes football but other things are more important : right now he is building a hospital in the Philipines. He wants to honor God and be a good role model for kids. He said “God bless you all! ” at the end. PTL! Marilyn


Tim Tebow in His Words After Driving Denver to Victory


It looks as if we’ll just have to get used to it.

On the one hand, we have the headline “Tim Tebow Scores Late Touchdown On 95 Yard Drive To Win, After Doing Nothing All Game,” with Jason Lisk of the Big Lead correctly pointing out: “Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos offense was dreadful. Dreadful! For the first 54 minutes of the game.”

On the other, we have Woody Paige rhapsodizing in The Denver Post about The Drive Too: “Tebow went where Elway had gone before.”

Tebow continues to win and continues to drive analysts crazy. Let’s just let Tebow tell it in his words, as provided by the Broncos’ Web site.

On Denver’s final, game-winning drive

“First and foremost I just want to thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and thank my teammates for believing in me and believing in each other for 60 minutes. I think, referring to that last drive, I think it was just a bunch of guys that kept fighting that had been knocked down a bunch of times but continued to get back up. I’m just so proud of those guys, for their resiliency, their patience and their determination.”

“We were aggressive. We went at them. [WR] Eddie [Royal] made a great play on the first (play). It was man-to-man (defense), and I threw him a swing, he made somebody miss, he got (eight yards). And then we were able to get some on the option. We didn’t necessarily have huge plays, but we just got enough to keep moving the sticks and found a way at the end, and [WR Demaryius Thomas] came up with a big catch, and the offensive line was just grinding, working hard and scratching for every single yard we could get. They made my job very easy there at the end.”

On what the offense talked about just prior to the drive
“[Offensive coordinator] Coach [Mike] McCoy just said, ‘Keep believing.’ When we were in the huddle, what we were talking about as an offense was, ‘You want opportunities like this because this is an opportunity for greatness as an offense. We haven’t done anything this whole game, but we have an opportunity to do something special right now. Let’s go out there and do it.’ Everybody was focused, and you could see that their will was taking over as an offense. I think that’s pretty special.”

“It was just important that we had a mind-set and everybody went out there and rallied behind each other and just gave it everything they had.”

On what McCoy said just prior to the drive
“We went over a few ideas, but we were ready to go back out there. He said a few things—it wasn’t a huge, long speech—but, you know, ‘Keep believing. Let’s go get this thing done.’”

On his game-winning touchdown run
“That was the second time in the game [the Jets] had blitzed everybody against us. And they were playing the corners pretty hard off, and we ran a three-vertical (wide receivers) concept against them, and I knew we were in field-goal range, and I didn’t necessarily just want to throw up a jump-ball because they were playing so far off. So when I knew they were blitzing everybody, and I saw [S] (Eric Smith) coming off the left side, and he came and he hugged tight. And I knew he was going to be extra because they were bringing one more guy than we could block, and I knew (the blocker) got a hand on him, and once he came tight, I just figured he wasn’t going to think I was going to try and get outside and escape. So I just believed that the tackle and the tight end were going to get the block, and that I could try to hopefully outrun him to the edge, and thank the Lord I was able to do so.”

“I don’t think (the outside) was supposed to be open. (Smith) was kind of the hugger, and he hugged tight against and stayed tight. So once he’s coming in and planting and trying to stay as tight as he can, thinking I’m going to be in the pocket … once I knew that, I just kind of jab-stepped and stayed outside, and he’s going this way, and I’m going that way. That’s hard for someone to really plant and get outside. I was very thankful he was running really hard and coming hard inside because that’s hard to make that cut, so it made it a lot easier on me getting outside of him.”

On if he was surprised by the Jets’ all-out blitz on the play
“We were kind of expecting it. They were going to be aggressive and try to stop us and could also [have] been expecting a quarterback run or quarterback draw, or something inside. So we had a great play against it, and Coach McCoy made a great call, and I was just thankful I was able to get around the end.”

On if he likes late-game drama
“I like winning, but I wish it wasn’t quite that stressful.”

On how he’s going to celebrate the win
“What’s special is I’ve got a lot of friends and family in for this game. [So] first, just thank the Lord and savior and hang out with my friends and family. Honestly, I played pretty hard, so I’ll probably be a little bit tired. [I’ll] go get a little bit of food and probably go to sleep.”

On if he plans on tweeting any of his critics
“I probably will tweet [former NFL defensive end] Hugh Douglas because I did hear that he said if we won he was going to church on Sunday. So I’m going to tweet him. He better be in his Sunday best! I hope he can sing praise and worship, too. So we’ll see.”

On what he’s thankful for this Thanksgiving
“That would be a long list, but just to share a few: first and foremost would be my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and I’d say behind that would be my family and also in this time is our military, who put their lives on the line every day for us so we can come out here and play a game. I’m very thankful for all three of those things.”

On Tebow
“Tim is going to be Tim. You don’t want to change too much about a guy that makes plays and makes plays in pressure situations. Our staff [Quarterbacks Coach] Adam Gase and [Offensive Coordinator] Mike McCoy have done a tremendous job of working with him and bringing him up to speed. We had a couple issues, but he’s a young player. He’s a young quarterback. It’s a very hard position, and those things are going to happen. He’ll just grow and get better with every snap.”

On Tebow’s character
“He’s just a competitive dude. He’s super competitive. He never lays his sword down. He’s going to fight you to death, and that’s just his nature. He’s a great young man.”

On the team’s faith in QB Tim Tebow during final drive
“When that happened it was like, we have 95 yards. Everybody was kind of like, ‘watch this.’ On the sideline it felt like we knew something was going to happen. People always say that when you win but we felt like something was going to happen, probably because of the way we have been finishing games over the last couple weeks. Again, #15 [QB Tim Tebow] proved to be very impressive on that drive.”


On Tim Tebow
“One thing about that quarterback: he is going to keep grinding. As a defense, we just have to keep him in this game – keep this team in the game and in the fourth quarter, you never know what you are going to get. We are never out of it and it is a good feeling because I know if we are close, we have a chance.”