Merry Christmas!

We pray this newsletter finds you and your family well and prepared for Jesus to do an extraordinary work in your hearts this Christmas season.  God knows, we are longing for the comfort and assurance that all can still be well when the Word of God becomes flesh; just as it did so magnificently and so graphically in the person of a little baby boy, born in a manger, in a little town called Bethlehem.  Thank God the theology of heaven came to this earth and became biography in the flesh.  We are not alone – God is with us! 

You can find the 2012 Bible Reading Schedule here.  To allow the heart of God to be poured into your very own, is the finest gift we could ever place in your hands.  If you would like to make copies and share the Bible Reading Schedule with others you will find it here on our website.

Also, you will find a brochure put together by brother Rusty Thomas calling us to five regional events taking place in five different states next year.   Each of these states has only one remaining free standing abortion mill.  The campaign is called “Operation – First Abortion Free State” or “States of Refuge.”  What would happen if God, through His church, would bring us one abortion-free state in America?  Would it not send a message to His church across the nation that the battle for the lives of preborn children can be won as we allow the theology of the church house to become biography at the gates of hell? 

In the same way that Jesus rescued us, we are called to rescue those who are perishing.  We must allow the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets.  The Word of God must become flesh.  It is the Christmas miracle all over again.  Jesus is our hope.  Any great work we attempt to do for Him but without His presence and direction is doomed to fail.

The saints in Mississippi provided God an opportunity to do this very thing in November, 2011, as they unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit via the “Personhood Amendment” or “Amendment 26.”   They worked so hard and were so full of hope.  They got over 349,000 votes and would have won the battle, had it not been for the “pro-life industry.” 

That’s right!  The National Right to Life, the Catholic Bishops, and “pro-life” Governor Haley Barbour all opposed the “Personhood Amendment.”  They agreed that “Personhood” was their ultimate goal, but it was not the right time and the wording was too strong.  The Word of God – too strong?

The pro-life industry, just like the abortion industry, will do all in its power to maintain itself.  The abortion industry is honest enough to come right out and say that a woman’s right to choose eclipses a child’s right to live.  The pro-life industry, however, says it is doing all it can to save preborn children and then deliberately sabotages the only piece of legislation that stands forthrightly upon the Word of God, declaring all children “Persons” from biological beginnings.  Why?  Because the Pro-life industry is far more concerned with self-preservation than the preservation of those it is sworn to protect. 

Isn’t it amazing how the heart of Christmas reveals to us how the battle is to be won?  Merry Christmas to all, and to all – “All is well!”