This just in from Mike Warren.  Please lift our brothers up in prayer. ~ Flip

Hello Friends,

Dec. 2nd Jerry Crawford joined 14 other Christian missionaries in China to bring Christian supplies into the interior of the country. He also brought evangelism tools into these interior cities to distribute booklets into towns at night. He is now detained with his team mate Jim.
Last week the authorities have taken their passports and have told them to stay in town and have interogated them. They continue to delay and now these local authorities want money from them. They drove Jerry to two banks to have him withdraw funds. He has not done so and the authorities are frustrated. They will be meeting tomorrow to determine what to do. Sounds like a local corrupt shakedown.Please pray for Jerry and Jimmy. Jim is the 14 year old son of Cal Zastrow who is on the trip but leading another team. They are safe, housed in a hotel but are not allowed to leave and now it seems the authorities are seeking to intimidate in the hopes of getting some dough from “wealthy Americans”. Which Jerry is not. His treasures are heavenly and stored there.
Pray against intimidation, corruption and that God will use this time in the lives He desires to touch in China.
Pray for Jerry’s wife Terry who is home.
Pray for a quick release. Jerry is scheduled to fly home Dec. 23rd.
Mike Warren