This article just in from Ken and Jo Scott who had a run in with hundreds of Ron Paul supporters yesterday afternoon while they were manning their post at the “Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains” abortion mill.  Evidently Ron Paul was hosting a great rally at the large hotel across the street from this abortion mill, in Denver, Colorado.  The meeting between the gentle Christians living out their faith at the very gates of hell and the Ron Paul supporters may surprise you.

You can lead people to “living water” but you can’t make them think. ~ Flip

Ron Paul Followers Lack Moral Compass

Jo Scott, January 31, 2012

At noon today Ron Paul made a campaign stop at the Renaissance Hotel at 3801 Quebec Street in Denver.  Hundreds of enthusiastic supporters filled the hotel parking lot and spilled into the surrounding neighborhood.

Directly across from the Poplar Street entrance to the hotel is Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility which encompasses the entire block.  Paul’s supporters parked bumper to bumper around the block and filled two abandoned parking lots across from Planned Parenthood’s Pontiac Street entrance.  As they parked their cars they were met with our daily pro life vigil outside the abortuary.

We expected to meet people who would be at least sympathetic to the pro life message but nothing could be further from the truth.  We encountered hundreds of Paul supporters who were not in the least interested in plight of the unborn.  Some were vulgar and mocked us, calling us idiots.  Others insisted that abortion is a “states rights issue.”  I came up with a slogan for them.  “She is a child, not a state’s rights issue.”  Others proudly shouted “Pro Choice” while displaying various obscene gestures.  And the handful of Christians that stopped to talk to us about Paul’s pro life stand stomped off as we presented proof that he is not pro life.

It was shocking and extremely discouraging to see the mind set of Ron Paul’s supporters.   It quickly became apparent that they are willing to unravel what’s left of the moral fabric of our nation for their own selfish purposes.  Rep. Paul’s hands off approach to social issues like abortion, homosexuality,  drugs, and prostitution has united the fringe, single issue voters, and given them a platform.  The Christians were satisfied that he is a constitutionalist.  They didn’t consider for a moment that Rep. Paul is endorsing, even promising to legalize immorality.

It was evident to us that a country run by Ron Paul would be no better off than a country run by Obama.  Oh bummer…