“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 2:5.  This is the preamble to the marvelous Kenosis (emptying) passage found in Philippians 2:6-11.  It was this passage that changed my entire view about abortion in 1982.  I was pretty much pro-abortion before this, even though I had been through seminary and pastored a small church for two years.  When I was confronted with the truth of this passage, my life was forever changed.  I realized that when Jesus emptied Himself and came to this earth to save us, He arrived nine months before He was revealed in the flesh in Bethlehem.  At what point in time did the Word of God become flesh?  When the Holy Spirit came upon the virgin Mary, all of God was here with us (Immanuel – God is with us).

When we are born-again and the Word of God becomes flesh within us, we become totally different though nothing in our circumstances or relationships is changed – everything is different.  We now have the mind of Christ.  A new song is birthed in our hearts and pours like “living water” out of our mouths.

Now imagine with me.  If that new song, birthed in our hearts, were joined with others of the same mind; what would kind of music would we make.  Perhaps it would sound like this.

Enjoy! ~ Flip


Let’s make this music together when the DNC shows up in our city.