Get prepared to be amazed.  This short little video will fill your eyes with tears and your hearts with awe.  We who are spiritual are called to judge all things (1 Corinthians 2:14).  That is exactly what I did while watching this video and so did everyone else.  Watch closely Jonathan looking to Charlotte before he begins to sing.  She calmed all his fears.

Charlotte is right when she says we should not judge Jonathan by his outward appearance anymore than we should judge a book by its cover.  But when we open the book we must judge it by its content.  When Jonathan opened up, it was only Charlotte that enabled him to do it, we saw and experienced the wonderful gift God had given him.  Now Charlotte will be taking a backseat to this young boy, and Jonathan will be lifted to heights, cash, and fame beyond his wildest imagination.  Will this switch in roles unite them or divide them?

God knows the heart.  If Charlotte and Jonathan do not have Jesus as the focal point of their lives, they will both be destroyed by the world, the flesh, and the devil, but for different reasons.  Jonathan will not be able to handle the fame, acclaim, money, and posse that will follow him, and Charlotte will not be able to handle the loneliness, envy, and bitterness that will overwhelm her soul as Jonathan moves on to greatness or destruction.  This is my judgment and I believe it is from God.  I am called to do this and so are you.

This however is my prayer for both of them.  That they will both come to know Jesus, have their sins forgiven, and live for the praise of God’s glory.  By the way, that is my prayer for you and me also.

Enjoy!  ~ Flip

Here’s the link to the video