We will be exposing Stericycle here in North Carolina in Haw River during our National Event here in Charlotte July 21-28, 2012.  The Stericycle plant in Haw River is the largest  baby incinerating plant in the country.    ~ Flip

Stericycle is a company that picks up and incinerates bio waste from medical facilities such as hospitals and  doctor’s offices.

 However, they also help our nation’s abortion providers to hide their heinous crimes by hauling away aborted children from abortuaries and incinerating them with the rest of the trash they accumulate on their routes.

 Just outside of Salt Lake  City, Utah, is a quiet suburban, stereotypical community complete with frolicking children and white picket fences.  As you leave the main drag to enter the Foxboro housing development located on the corner and backed up to the neighborhood is a Stericycle incineration plant that facilitates 8 states, CA, CO, AZ, OR, WA, MT, UT and ID.  The most recent abortion statistics are from 2008 when California alone did 214,190 abortions and the 7 the other states combined reported 80,607 abortions.  That’s 294,797 children thoughtlessly killed and incinerated at the Utah location.

As I stood and watched the Stericycle smokestacks  pump their putrid tribute to  unloved and fatherless children into the Foxboro development my heart broke.  I couldn’t help but think that, as a nation, we deserve to bathe in the smoke and ashes of the innocent children that we throw away.

Early Monday morning, May 21, 2012, we pulled a truth truck in front of the Utah Stericycle incineration plant to expose their nasty secret.  We canvased the neighborhood with flyers informing the residents that the ashes of innocent babies extinguished in the abortion mills of 8 states are falling on them.  Some residents were mortified, others just shrugged their shoulders.  We’re praying that someone will care enough to do something.  If we can snuff out the smoke stacks of America’s Auschwitz ovens it will be harder for the abortionists to hide their sin.  And one step closer to ending the holocaust.

 Jo Scott