Below is a report from Nicholas Jackson, one of the young men involved in our National Event in Columbus, Ohio, in July, 2004.  Nicholas reports that another abortion mill, Capital Care  in the city of Columbus, Ohio, has shut its doors for good.  To God be the glory!

Enjoy!   ~ Flip

Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

Another one bites the dust! To those of you who remember our Walk Across America in 2004, our national event that year was held in Columbus, Ohio. A brother who participated in that event just contacted me with this note and article. God is watching over His Word to perform it, time and time again. ~ Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

From Nicholas A. Jackson, “The Lord is moving in Ohio! Thank You Rusty for helping spur the hearts of the saints in Columbus when OSA was here several years ago! Here is fruit!” The following is part of the report.

An abortion clinic in Columbus, Ohio will be closing this week, according to local pro-life activists.

Capital Care has reportedly been plagued with decreased business and financial problems. They recently cut back clinic hours due to difficulty keeping abortionists. An increasingly strong pro-life presence in Central Ohio is credited with contributing to the decision to close.

The two abortionists known to work at Capital Care are Harley Blank and Thomas Michaelis. Blank, who also works at the Founder’s Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Columbus was honored by Planned Parenthood earlier this year for his 30-year career as an abortionist in Columbus.

Michaelis, who now works at the Capital Care Network abortion clinic in Toledo, has a history of a different sort. In 1991, he was convicted of two counts of Attempted Gross Sexual Imposition, one count of Voyeurism, and one count of Public Indecency. The convictions involved incidents where Michaelis engaged in sexual predation on minor girls.