This video is really beginning to gain some traction.  What is really unbelievable is the rancorous comments it is generating.  By in large, they are awful, racist, and diabolical.  I don’t even think this way. My mind cannot wrap itself around the utter hatred this world has for children in the womb.  If you are wondering what has happened to America, you need only look at the comments section of this video to see what it must have been like in Sodom and Gomorrah before the fire of God’s judgment fell. ~ Flip

Pastor Dale Sochia, the one who is standing closest to abortionist Ron Vermani in the video clip, has written this small introduction:

As many of you might have seen this video.  This is the short 38 sec clip with the words typed in.  Since yesterday it has been picked up by some Christian News organizations.  It now has over 10,000 hits and growing rapidly.  Please watch again and forward to any you might feel could use this information.  The devil has overplayed his hand, and we have truly exposed what abortionist really think in their dark hearts.  Tragedy.

Pastor Dale Sochia