As most of you know Dr. Pat is on one of her mission trips to Africa.  This lady goes all over the world in the Name of Jesus to lift up the plight of His precious preborn babies.  Included is a 6 minute video of the Pro-Life march in South Africa.

Enjoy!  ~ Flip


Hello Flip:
I Am in Elenfontein (in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa) at the farm of the Bohmers. (sheep and honey – lovely place)  We are packing to leave at 4 AM tomorrow for Zavora in Mozambique. This will be my last chance to communicate with home until be return Oct 30.  We are not going to Botswana (bummer!!). Can you believe it – the gov would not allow us to go to the bushmen villages – only to the capitol city.(  they are so selfish)  Carl-Heinz the surgeon & Johann are going there to perform one or two days surgeries and then joining us in Mozambique. We are hoping that if Carl Heinz and Johann help the rich gov officials they will allow us to go to the poor in Feb. No one on the team felt led to go to give medical aid to rich people in cities so we are going instead to Mozambique.  It is the peak of malaria season there, so please keep us in prayer, but we all agreed we are called to the poor and needy not the city.

The South Africa march for life was wonderful. There were about 600 -1ooo people.  The police did not believe we would still come in the pouring rain – mistake!! It was such fun ( about 5 K up hill and down but I made it – Thank you Lord!!) .  The Zulu young people are loud when they chant and they were chanting (in Zulu this is is English translation) – “You say kill your baby, life will be better – God says NO!! – We will NOT do it!” ( they shout the NO and the NOT very loud)  I spoke on Saturday and the march was Sunday.  We stayed on the KwasizaBantu Mission ( about 3 hours from Durban and on the Sunday morning at church Om Freidel ( one of the pastors) gave a strong message to stand for life and then sent a huge bus load (tractor trailer -the trailer was a HUGE bus) of Zulu’s with us to the March. 

Miss Pat 🙂