Here is a great report from Chet Gallagher as he has been traveling across America allowing the theology of heaven to become biography at the gates of hell.  He and Johnny Brekeen have been on the road for the past month now, concentrating their efforts in the five states that have only one remaining abortion mill left.

We pray that very soon we will be able to present to our Lord the very first abortion free state in America. ~ Flip

Here is the “Truth Truck, (with some new messaging) that my co-laborer, Johnny Brekeen and I have been driving since leaving Las Vegas 2 weeks ago.

So far we’ve been in 16 states, prayed with dozens of intercessors and sidewalk counselors in front of 27 abortion mills, visited almost over a dozen Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and most of all probably a hundred thousand plus Americans may have viewed the truth Truck exposing the ugly reality of baby butchering through legalized abortion on demand.

Expending 454.8 gallons of diesel fuel at an approximate cost of $1933 we are in the final days of an amazing journey. As of tonight (10-31-2012) we have driven 4,647 miles and we ain’t done yet! Our total “behind the wheel” driving time to date is 97 hours and 45 minutes.

If you would like to help defray the costs of this amazing journey please:

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My name is: (add your name).  I have just made a donation in the amount of:  $____ to cover the final expenses for the 5,000+ mile States of Refuge Truth Truck Tour because I also believe abortion will not end in America until America sees abortion.

Thank you!

Friends we are now in Mississippi preparing to help direct the 5 day pro-life Outreach for the States of Refuge taking place here in Jackson, MS Wednesday November 7th-11th. We may actually see Mississippi become the first abortion free state just days before the 40 year Anniversary of legalized pre-born baby murder.

Here’s a special treat. Enjoy this video and keep praying!