Twins born yesterday, December 10, 2012, to a mom and dad who laid their lives down at a Bridgeport abortion mill that their twins might live.  Here they are in beautiful “living color!”  God puts His exclamation point to Ebony and Travis’ choice.  They now need a place to stay.

Please pray for the saints in Connecticut to find just the right place.

Enjoy! ~ Flip


Dear Pro-life Friends,

Twin boys were born yesterday to Ebony and Travis. Ebony is a mom we met at the Summit  abortuary on Main Street in April. We pleaded with her not to kill her baby. She did come back out of the mill and said she was pregnant with twins. We promised to help her. Her main reason for going there was they had no place of her own to live. She already had three children ( two girl’s age 10 and 2 and a boy 1 year old). So she changed her mind and went home.
They are presently living with her sisters family in a small apartment in the projects. Since April we have been trying to find her a home. We have looked into many leads but the apartments are too expensive and there has been no low income homes available. We even had a man that works for the Housing Authority look for her and he was shocked he could not find anything. The most they can afford is $600. a month. The dad, Travis, has a temporary job but needs a permanent job. They are in Bridgeport CT right now and she works at Stop & Shop in Norwalk. If she gets a place in another city she can transfer her job. 
To us this is a big problem. But to God it is not. I am asking you all to please pray for this family to find a home they can afford and for Travis to get a permanent job. Pray that God would open doors for them and bless them because they chose life for their babies. If you have an apartment for rent or know of anyone that does or maybe someone can rent them part of their house. They would be happy just to have a two bedroom place of their own. Thank you!
For the Least of These

Marilyn Carroll