Robin Marty, the author of this article, asked Rusty and me several weeks ago if we would spend some time with her during the 40th Memorial of Roe v. Wade to do an interview.  We said yes.  But things began to go south for her when she realized that almost all Mississippians oppose “abortion on demand” and want abortion to end in this state.  So instead of interviewing anyone from Pro-life Mississippi, Operation Save America, or States of Refuge she simply interviewed people friendly to her cause.

Here is a very telling response from one such citizen from Mississippi, The big fear out here isn’t violence, it’s social stigma,” explained one activist, who for that reason asked that her name not be used. “There isn’t anyone out here who can support the clinic publicly without facing some sort of personal repercussions.”

There you have it!  The social stigma and shame of being a supporter of killing little children in their mother’s womb is just too much to bare.  I will bet you that people who once supported a slave owner’s right to choose whether or not to own a slave began to feel the same stigma and shame when the atrocities of slavery were revealed.

We are winning this battle in the streets.  Hallelujah! Flip

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