“…He (satan) is filled with fury because he knows that his time is short.” Revelation 12:12b

The devil hates children – preborn, born – it doesn’t matter to him.  He hates us all!  He desecrates even their memory on this 40th Roe v. Wade memorial.  Here is another example of his unrequited animus towards God’s precious preborn children.  ~ Flip


The Desecration of Rachel’s Park Memorial

On Saturday, January 26th Rachel’s Park Memorial, a memorial dedicated to the memory of the preborn babies murdered by abortion, was desecrated. A report was filed with the Waco Police Department at 11:09 am, by an employee of a neighboring business. Rachel’s Park Memorial is located at 4720 N. 19th Street in Waco. The park has suffered regular desecration, but this attack was, by far, the most devastating.

Entombed within the park are the remains of a tiny victim of abortion. The spreading display of 4,000 white crosses reinforced with steel rebar was extensively damaged, as was the picket fence enclosing the memorial park. A swath of damage 12 ½ ft by 136 ft cuts through the memorial site, with approximately 600 crosses, rebar, oil, two tires, and parts of a vehicle’s underside littering the park. Thankfully, the main feature of the memorial park, The Tomb of the Unknown Baby, was undamaged.

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Founder and Director of Rachel’s Park Memorial stated, “It appears the animosity against the preborn knows no bounds. Not only are we content as a nation to stand back and allow the preborn to die through the sin and crime of abortion, but now there are those among us who seek to destroy the very memory of these children as well. We pray the Lord will take this desecration and lead justice to victory and those responsible for this evil act will repent, find forgiveness in Christ, and make restitution.”

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco, on learning of the vandalism declared, “What a shock it was to see the heartless vandalism at Rachel’s Park Memorial. I had just returned Saturday evening from the Rally for Life at the steps of the State Capital for the occasion of 40 years of Roe v Wade. What a contrast between the peaceful pro-life Rally for Life and the brutal destruction at Rachel’s Park Memorial. The supporters of “choice” cannot even tolerate a memorial in honor of the pre-born babies lost to abortion.”

For more information contact:

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas @ 254-715-3134