Just one more nail in the coffin of “A Perferred Women’s Health Clinic,” an abortion mill, here in the Charlotte area.  Heatherlee Finn, a faithful sidewalk counselor, reported this mill to the Health Department as a result of another of a long line of ambulance calls to this location to rush mothers to the emergency rooms of local hospitals.  The butchery and filth of this place would be more than enough to close it if it were anything other than an abortion mill.  The abortion industry in America has won for itself “most favored business” status and therefore can continue operation no matter what the health department finds.  If this report were issued for any other restaurant, veterinary clinic, or business, it would be shut down until the situation was remedied.

The uncaring and inept abortionists, Ron Vermani of (“…You adopt those ugly black babies…”) fame, and Jimmy Isaac Newton, a sexual pervert cited on two occasions for sexual assault, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Mr. Vermani was fired by Presbyterian Hospital for botching so many surgeries while a resident there.  He has become a very angry and embittered man and has claimed that, because of What Presbyterian Hospital did to him, he “…no longer delivers pretty babies anymore…” 

He is right!  He delivers only dead babies.

The young ladies that work at this mill are not nurses nor are they nurse’s aids.  They are simply young ladies, some who have graduated from high school, who have been trained only by what they learned in high school.  They earn minimum wage and are simply used as migrant workers by an industry that cares nothing about them.  The abortion industry is an abomination that not only kills our youngest and weakest but makes freaks out of God precious people who are employed by it.  ~ Flip