Little Rock, Arkansas, is the home of Arkansas’s last remaining free standing abortion mill.  Arkansas may become the first abortion free state in America if the saints in Little Rock have their way.  Here is the latest Gospel sortie being flown directly into the gates of hell in Little Rock.    ~ Flip

Our new “GONE” billboard campaign has launched in a city that serves as a pivotal center of civil rights history—Little Rock. Partnering with Arkansas Black Americans for Life (a chapter of Arkansas Right to Life), The Radiance Foundation has placed billboards in Little Rock and North Little Rock that claim: “GONE. 15 million and counting.”

In light of the failure of black “civil rights” organizations to protect the Posterity of the black community, GONE continues to hammer away at today’s population control movement that brazenly celebrates the destruction of “unwanted” human life.

The press release, billboard artwork and new video are here:

Amazing things are happening in Arkansas, legislatively, as hearts and minds are engaged in grassroots efforts.

Please pray that this campaign continues to awaken the public to the needless tragedy of abortion.


Ryan Bomberger