One of my favorite preachers is Laurence White, senior pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas.  When you read this short article from him you will see why.  He is right on in his biblical perspective and filled with application for our day.  I view this as your invitation to our National Event this summer, July 24-31, in Rochester, New York.  There are some mighty big giants there.  They will come down in Jesus’ magnificent Name.    ~ Flip

Bible Thumpers Unite!


I am a Christian. I am not going to apologize for that fact nor will I attempt to devise some sort of watered down, evasive, non-threatening language to express that fact in a way that might be less threatening to the insecure unbelievers who populate our collapsing culture. As a Christian, I believe in objective Truth – Truth that does not depend on acceptance or popularity for its validity. I believe that anything which deviates from the Truth is a lie. As a Christian, I believe in objective morality – moral standards that are determined by the Truth – not by popular opinion polls, or the ratings of a celebrity’s national program, or media spin. I believe that any thought, word or deed which contradicts what those moral objective standards declare to be right is wrong. As a Christian, I believe that the one and only source of objective Truth and morality is the Bible, the inspired Word of God. That is why I am proudly a Bible Thumper. I am prepared to endure the scorn and disdain of worldly men, both inside and outside the church, who no longer trust in the Bible as the Word of God and who insist that we must become more practical and realistic politically if we are ever to regain the moral heritage of our nation.

I am an American who deeply loves his country. My forefathers stood upon the storm tossed deck of the Mayflower risking their lives to find a homeland where they could live as Christians without government interference. The nation which they and the generations which came after them established was firmly grounded upon a Biblical world view. John Adams accurately observed: “The general principles upon which our fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.” (1813) We presently find ourselves in the midst of the grim process of proving Adams’ further observation that our constitutional form of government cannot survive without the support of a “moral and religious people”. “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” (1798) Now the future of that homeland is in peril because a militant minority is imposing their godless religion upon my country. indignantly reject the advice of those who demand that Christians silence their convictions in order to appeal to the apathetic undecided center. This is not political realism, it is the self-serving counsel of cowardice.  

The only way to rescue America is to halt the killing of the innocent unborn and to restore the integrity of the family. These goals will not be accomplished by abandoning principle in the hope of seducing the center. The pathetic performance of the simpering establishment of the corrupt Republican Party establishment in recent decades is proof positive of that fact. These fearful, faithless weather-vanes care about nothing beyond their own ambitions. Even if they win, which most often they do not, nothing changes and the decline of America continues. The only way to rescue America is to rouse the faithful remnant of God’s people throughout this land to finally stand for what is good and right and godly and take back their country. At this point, that will not be easy. Some have been intimidated by the lie of the separation of church and state. Some have yielded to a cynical resignation which concludes that politics is irredeemably corrupt and cannot be used for good. Still others, have become engaged in the political process, but have allowed themselves to be manipulated by that process because of their failure to carefully maintain a distinction between absolute moral truth and their own political ideology. All this must be swept aside in grassroots uprising which will transform American politics from the bottom up. No more compromises! No more delays! No more settling for the lesser of two evils. When we are dealing with life and marriage the lesser of two evils is still evil. As people of faith we must trust in God enough to do the right thing and leave the outcome to Him. The killing of the unborn and the destruction of the family must stop – now! As Christian voters we must resolve only to support candidates who are genuinely committed to these fundamental goals – no matter how bad the other guy is.

The hour is late. The death toll is overwhelming. The damage to marriage and family is devastating spread out across generations. This is not the time to be intimidated or discouraged into silence. No, this is the time to faithfully declare the Truth of God, come what may. This is the time to arouse the people of God across this troubled nation to fearless action. As Christian we have no choice. We must engage in this battle. Failure to do so would be nothing less than a betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. We must engage in this battle not merely as Americans but as Christians! We must engage in this battle not as liberals or conservatives, not as Republicans or Democrats but as sons and daughters of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bible Thumpers of the world, unite! If that makes the media elites and the professional politicians squirm – great! There is no better affirmation of faithfulness to Christ than fear and loathing from the world.


Laurence White – Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas 

Pastor White has served as Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church since June of 1981. Pastor White is a regular speaker for national pro-life, pro-family organizations across America. In that connection, he has had the opportunity to address millions of Americans through national radio and television broadcasts and has spoken to nearly 20,000 pastors across the nation. Pastor White also serves on the National Advisory Board of the Family Research Council