US District Court Judge Daniel P. Jordan extends an injunction he issued several months ago to block the State of Mississippi from shutting down forever the last remaining abortion mill in the state.  It is amazing how the devil uses the court system in America to continue moving his agenda of robbing, killing, and destroying.  There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the courts in America hate Almighty God.  “…all who hate me love death.”  Proverbs 8:36. 

Our courts have been the devil’s lapdog for years pouring out foolish decisions that bring with them only death.  This federal judge blocked the will of the people of Mississippi, the will of the state to stop all abortions, and the will of God to bring life and not death.

Pray for the saints in Mississippi.  May they continue moving forward in the mighty Name of Jesus – the gates of hell will not prevail!   ~ Flip