This “group” has been traveling from state to state for photo ops.  They arrive, stay only long enough to film and give an interview and then off to their next air conditioned hotel to relax.  They peddle lies because their father is the father of lies and lazy journalists fall for the bait of an easy story to cover. How pathetic to be signing a banner that calls serial killers heroes!

Notice the comments I copied below.  These are only two but I copied them because they are just comments not for or against abortion.  They just saw through the smoke & mirrors of this road show.  What a contrast to the faithful Christians of Mississippi who come out to pray and offer hope to women even when there are no cameras to pose for.  The legislature of Mississippi wants to end abortion in their state, The people of Mississippi want the shedding of innocent blood to stop. Mississippi just may be the first abortion free state in the nation. As one onlooker at the last OSA State of Refuge said.  “First abortion free state – that’s history man! “  Come be part of history – Jackson Mississippi November 2-6 2013