Since we all gathered in Rochester, New York, this past summer for our National Event, God’s providential hand has been revealed to the saints here as they watch Him do exceedingly abundantly above all they asked or imagined.  

Another victory at Planned Parenthood today, March 20, 2014

Rescue Rochester has begun a shift at the downtown Planned Parenthood each Thursday for the past couple of months now.  We hold, signs, pray, and preach.  Sometimes we preach to moms and dads going into the facility, sometimes to the staff, sometimes just to the wall or to ourselves.  God’s Word is powerful!  Today, just after we left, an employee came out and crossed the street to talk to a man that has been at this site for years, praying and holding a sign.  She confessed, “Adolf, thank-you for being here and praying.  Today is my last day – I’m quitting this job!”


We know that God is hearing the prayers of His people and the preaching of His Word.  He watches over His Word to perform it, as it goes forth and accomplishes His purpose.  Amen and Amen…

Jerry Crawford