This is an absolute travesty!  The report below just in from our good friend Bruce Garren in Wichita, Kansas, informing us of an open house being conducted by South Wind Women’s Center (George Tiller’s old abortion mill).  This news was celebrated and broadcast as a front page news story in the Wichita Eagle.  Remember, this newspaper has done more to promote child-killing in Wichita, Kansas, than any other single entity with the exception of the silent, acquiescent, nicer than Jesus, Church of Jesus Christ. 

It takes a village to kill a child.  God help us! ~ Flip

George Tiller’s Legacy Lives On!


A year ago the abortion mill vacated after George Tiller’s death opened again for business under the name of South Wind Women’s Clinic. The local newspaper recently provided front page coverage of their very successful first year of business. They proudly announced that they have provided 1,200 abortions.

As a part of the ‘joyful’ celebration of 1,200 killed, Julie Burkhart, founder of Trust Women which provides the funding for the abortuary, has proudly announced an Open House event. That’s right; I said an Open House Event! It is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th from 11:00am to 1:00pm. The event “is free and includes brunch, drinks and tours of the facility.”

The mill had been closed for four years prior to its opening last year and the city of Wichita had gone without an abortionist available to kill little boys and girls on demand. Not surprising, the church in the Wichita metro area was silent when it opened last year and it has remained mostly silent to this day. So, South Wind Women’s Center exists without the objection of the church in Wichita, with only a few exceptions.

We are inviting any and all God fearing Christians who are available to be part of this event to come to the open house on April 26th and proclaim the name of Jesus. Most churches in Wichita have forgotten what a church is supposed to look like. Please come and ‘demonstrate’ it for them.