Below is Bruce Garren’s report concerning the battle for the heart of God’s Church in Wichita.  Will she stand in the gap on behalf of our Lord’s precious preborn children, or won’t she?  That is the question.

Celebrating Child Sacrifice Again in Wichita

by Bruce Garren April 30, 2014

South Wind Women’s Clinic in Wichita offered an open house to people who wanted to visit their newly renovated abortion mill after its first year of operation.  Yes, George Tiller’s old abortion mill has been reopened after being closed for four years.  On April 26, 2014, it celebrated the murders of over 1,200 precious little boys and girls, created in the image of God, over the past year.  This “festive” event appeared to draw between 50 and70 pro-aborts who were offered “brunch, drinks, and tours of the facility.”  Although it was freely advertised and “shouted out” in the Wichita Eagle with a front page article boasting 1200 abortions, the church in Wichita was notably absent.  Not a sound, not a whimper.

John Pride, Brad Bennett, and I were there from Wichita and my son Jarad Garren and my grandson Mason drove to Wichita from Manhattan, KS to stand for the unborn. This was the first event of this kind for my grandson and it was his 13th birthday.  Although John, Jarad, Mason, and I had registered online to enter the facility and had received confirmation to do so, we were all stopped at the gate by event security and the Wichita Police.  Amazing – taxpayers are forced to fund the Wichita Police to provide security.

Although the lack of attendance by the Wichita churches was disheartening, seeing George Tiller’s death camp back in full swing has been the most difficult to deal with.  I fear the spirit of this evil man still lives in Wichita as the church continues to allow child killing to exist without objection.

Surely the church does not fear our righteous God and is unable to see that the evil that exists in this land comes from our loving God lifting his mighty hand of protection from a nation that has forsaken Him.

“Therefore, you prostitute, hear the word of the Lord!  This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because you poured out your wealth and exposed your nakedness in your promiscuity with your lovers, and because of all your detestable idols, and because you gave them your children’s blood, therefore I am going to gather all your lovers, with whom you found pleasure, those you loved as well as those you hated.  I will gather them against you from all around and will strip you in front of them, and they will see your nakedness.”  Ezekiel 16:35-37

This just in from Bruce Garren in Wichita, Kansas.  The lady who replaced George Tiller as Wichita’s premier child-killer is elevating herself, with the help of an ever so biased media, into almost hero status.  This stuff is sick, Sick, SICK!

“The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”  Psalm 12:8    

This is an absolute travesty!  The report below just in from our good friend Bruce Garren in Wichita, Kansas, informing us of an open house being conducted by South Wind Women’s Center (George Tiller’s old abortion mill).  This news was celebrated and broadcast as a front page news story in the Wichita Eagle.  Remember, this newspaper has done more to promote child-killing in Wichita, Kansas, than any other single entity with the exception of the silent, acquiescent, nicer than Jesus, Church of Jesus Christ. 

It takes a village to kill a child.  God help us! ~ Flip

George Tiller’s Legacy Lives On!


A year ago the abortion mill vacated after George Tiller’s death opened again for business under the name of South Wind Women’s Clinic. The local newspaper recently provided front page coverage of their very successful first year of business. They proudly announced that they have provided 1,200 abortions.

As a part of the ‘joyful’ celebration of 1,200 killed, Julie Burkhart, founder of Trust Women which provides the funding for the abortuary, has proudly announced an Open House event. That’s right; I said an Open House Event! It is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th from 11:00am to 1:00pm. The event “is free and includes brunch, drinks and tours of the facility.”

The mill had been closed for four years prior to its opening last year and the city of Wichita had gone without an abortionist available to kill little boys and girls on demand. Not surprising, the church in the Wichita metro area was silent when it opened last year and it has remained mostly silent to this day. So, South Wind Women’s Center exists without the objection of the church in Wichita, with only a few exceptions.

We are inviting any and all God fearing Christians who are available to be part of this event to come to the open house on April 26th and proclaim the name of Jesus. Most churches in Wichita have forgotten what a church is supposed to look like. Please come and ‘demonstrate’ it for them.

 Here is a 2 minute trailer of a new movie that is coming out glorifying abortion, abortionists, those having abortions, and those who work in the industry, as the true heroes of our time.  It is sick.  It is a 180 degree distortion of the truth.  It makes selfishness an act of heroism.  But this is where America finds herself in these days when what is good is called evil and what is evil is called good.  Where one puts darkness for light and light for darkness.  God help us!

This really is a movie about “heroic selfishness.”  Where selfish choices are the ones that make people heroes.  Like the mom who makes the choice to kill her child so that she canget on with her life is considered a hero, where the mother who chooses to lay her own life down that her little baby boy or girl might live is considered a right wing, Bible thumping, fanatic.  Like abortionists that make a lot of money off of mothers in crisis pregnancy situations by killing their child are considered heroes, where doctors that offer to bring that same baby to term free of charge are considered judgmental bigots.

Abortion is simply the supreme act of selfishness.  “It’s my body, my rights, my choice.  I do what I want whenever I want.  I am the captain of my ship, the master of my fate.  My one commandment is, “Don’t judge me.’”   It all about me.

The Bible turns this completely around:  “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friends”  John 15:13.   This is true heroism.


Tentative Schedule for OSA’s States of Refuge Campaign 2013

(Notice: time and events are subject to change)

1) Jackson, Mississippi: We are inching closer to the first abortion Free State. We may need to go back like the minute men of old to help secure this victory. Be ready to move when the call is proclaimed.

2) National Event, July 14-20, 2013,  Rochester, NY: has been chosen for this year’s national event. Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford need our help to break up some strong demonic strongholds. They are praying that our coming will revive the church and the ministry needed to defeat child sacrifice in their communities.

3) Washington DC national call: When the firstfruits of the States of Refuge campaign comes to pass and the Lord secures the first abortion free state, we will give the call to come to Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial for the national unveiling of the Emancipation Proclamtion for the Preborn Child. There may also be a meeting at the Capitol to unveil the scroll of signatures reminiscent of William Wilbeforce unveiling the signatures in Parliament calling for the end of slavery.

4) North Dakota and South Dakota, October: We are planning a regional event sometime in the fall that will cover two of the States of Refuge, North Dakota and South Dakota. North Dakota stands on the verge of passing a personhood amendment. A call to rescue may be in order. The two cities that house the death camps, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Fargo, Noth Dakota are three and a half hours from each other.

5) There may be other opportunites this year, (Wichita, KS) but this covers most of the year. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. God bless you all as we run the race of faith together and trust the Lord to watch over his Word as we proclaim it throughout our nation in Jesus’ name!

Ten months after a Kansas pastors trial, conviction, and sentencing for “loitering and disrupting a business,” Justice Phil Journey has recused himself from the case.  Of course the business the pastor was convicted of disrupting was a local Mosque, where he and several others were passing out Gospel tracts written in Arabic.  Why would a judge do this? ~ Flip

Judge Phil Journey Recuses Himself

In the case of City of Wichita v. Pastor

Some may recall that in September of 2011, I was tried and convicted of “loitering and disrupting a business” for passing out free bibles at a mosque in Wichita, Kansas. Though the police testified that I did not trespass or block any cars, I was nonetheless guilty because I did not move quick enough when police told me to though I was standing on a public sidewalk – that I committed the crime of “shy distance.” Yup, fo-real!

This week I received and email from my attorney that Judge Journey was recusing himself from my case.



First – Journey is in a hotly contested election with Linda Kirby. KRA recently gave Journey an endorsement. I then sent out an email explaining my case and what happened. That Journey could of easily dismissed my case in pretrial motion, that the government had no evidence that I had trespassed or block cars. That he had the opportunity to uphold his oath to defend the Constitution and the first amendment but he chose not to. That his actions were anathema to that which is Christian and to the Constitution.

Second – Two weeks ago I did a radio interview with Pastor Joe Wright. Unbeknownst to me, and only by the Providence of the Lord, Judge Journey was scheduled right after me. I told Pastor Joe that Journey was the Judge who allowed the trial and sentenced me to the maximum sentence (suspended). He said that he would ask him about it in the interview, which he did.

Journey publicly spoke about my case – a case that is ongoing as my attorney and I are discussing filing another motion in the case and I am still on probation for including that I can not go within 1000 ft of the mosque. (I guess I can’t become a muslim?) This is a HUGE breach of judicial ethics.

Journey spewed the governments version of events that day. He said things that were completely false to justify himself. He said that I blocked cars and that he “thought about giving me a jail ministry.” Yep, du judge, said that on the public radio.

So get this, 10 months after trial, conviction, and sentencing, a Judge (Journey) recuses himself over a “loitering” case. Wow!!!

So let me shout it from the roof tops –

Psalm 37:6 – He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.

All glory to our Lord Jesus!!!

“The gates of hell can not prevail against His church.” MT. 16:18

Oh if only the church would leave the padded pews for the poignant persecution.

– Pastor

Attend your favorite, non-seeker friendly, 100% pro-life church this Sunday. America will not survive if you don’t. – Pastor

Bruce Garren, a longtime friend of ours and one who has been instrumental in heading up the “Personhood” movement in the state of Kansas, has written a short and concise article articulating the reason why “Personhood” is the only piece of legislation that has God’s imprimatur.  As Bruce unsheathes the Sword of the Spirit in response to those (Pro-lifers) who are attempting to regulate abortion rather than ending it, see if your heart does not pound within you.  ~ Flip

If not personhood, what is the plan to end abortion in Kansas?

by Bruce Garren

I have heard the Rev Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America, proclaim on several occasions that, “Abortion will end in America when the church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will end – and not one second sooner.” This certainly falls under the heading of bold statements. There a many parts of this proclamation that a person could question, such as how could Rev. Benham possibly know this to be true? Why is it that only the church has the power to end abortion, and how can a claim be made without honestly considering the power of the United States government to influence the outcome? All are good questions I’m sure Rev. Benham would be willing, if not eager to respond to, but I want to focus on another aspect of his claim. I want us consider the reality that there could truly be an end to abortion in America.

Like many of you, I have been fighting against abortion for what seems like a long time. Also, like many of you, I have applied myself in a number of different strategies. I have voted pro-life, written editorials, contacted legislators, attended rallies, taught classes, held signs, prayed, and fasted. All of which I have found to be worthwhile efforts, but none have succeeded in themselves to end abortion. Until recently, none of these activities were actually part of a plan to end abortion once and for all. Certainly, everything we have done had as its primary goal the end of abortion in America, and the hope was always be to save as many innocent lives as possible, but none provided a plan to actually end child killing once and for all.

Although reducing the number of unborn children killed can appear to be a worthwhile interim goal for us, it can never ever be what our efforts lead to. We must not lose sight that reducing abortion is not and cannot be our goal! Even one child legally lost to surgical or chemical abortion would bring as much shame on America as the 1.2 million that were killed last year. I believe that’s what Ambassador Alan Keyes means when referring to the compromising the life of even one unborn child: “It’s the devil’s game – Satan would be happy to end all abortion if only he could get all of us to consent to killing one child.”

Our national shame is not from the number of unborn children legally murdered in our hospitals and abortion clinics each day, but it comes from our willingness to permit even one unborn child to be killed without our outrage.

Recently, I was part of a discussion about ending abortion in our state with several high-level government officials. After some time, and after the officials castigated the personhood strategy, I finally relented. I asked a particular gentleman a question that has gone unanswered. “Okay, I understand you don’t like personhood as a way to end abortion in Kansas. So, if not the Kansas Personhood Amendment, what is your plan to end abortion during the Governor’s term of office?” I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard next. He looked stunned and ill prepared for the question. “Well, we are several years away from that still,” he said.

After that discussion, I came to realize that our problem is not the disagreement on the personhood amendment strategy. The issue is that, among the personhood opponents, there is little hope at all of actually ending abortion in a short time frame. They are preparing to battle for the next several decades.

This same outlook is true of many of our leaders. It has been parroted, often from surprising sources. National Right to Life lead attorney, James Bopp, for instance, once charged that “wise leaders recognized from the beginning that one of their foremost tasks was to keep abortion alive as an issue.” And having compared the pro-life movement to the prohibition movement, he claimed that if we were to pass a ban on abortion, “No one would read [our] literature, attend [our] ‘rallies,’ or donate to the cause.”

In his response to Bopp, Robert Muise, Esq. of the Thomas More Law Center wrote: “The obvious problem with keeping abortion alive as an issue, is that keeping abortion alive means killing the unborn. Each day abortion remains an issue—and the law of the land—is a day in which innocent life is destroyed…If succeeding in reversing Roe v. Wade and ending the slaughter of millions of innocent lives each year means “no one would read [NRTL] literature, attend [its] ‘rallies,’ or donate to the cause,’ then that is the price of victory we should be willing to pay.”

If you are like the many Kansans we have talked to across the state who want to see child killing not just reduced, limited, or restricted but ended in Kansas once and for all and you want to be part of a plan, tell everyone you know that you want the decision in your hands. Tell them you want to be able to vote on the single most critical vote of your life. Tell your family, friends, community leaders, church members, and legislators that you want the Personhood Amendment on the statewide ballot.

Do not leave this vote in the hands of anyone else. Don’t trust anyone to represent your position on child killing. The Personhood Amendment provides you a way to end abortion in Kansas and a plan in which to do it.

Rev. Benham is right, and it is long past time for the church of Jesus Christ to speak out boldly about the slaughter of the children. We have a way to end the killing in Kansas and it’s called the Personhood Amendment, but it looks like you will have to insist that it be put on the ballot. If you want to be heard by the powers that be in Kansas, you will have to speak loudly, clearly and persistently! Tell them, “I want to vote on the Personhood Amendment because I want to end the killing, NOW!”

Dear Friends,

I was asked for more details regarding Steve Mashburn’s life; so I contacted Judi and Christopher Fleet who were his loving caregivers for years.

Judi met Steve in her late teens when he began attending her church. Christopher met him in about 1984 through Steve’s street ministry. He began working part-time as Steve’s caregiver immediately. Christopher and Judi had a blind date in this same time frame. For the next 27 years, Christopher took care of Steve part-time and/or full-time. The last four years of that, the Fleets moved in with Steve and took care of him 24/7.

Here is Judi’s response to my request for information. ~ Brenda Spurlock


 Hi Brenda. Sorry if this is too lengthy 🙂

Past to present, Steve was in and out of a boy’s detention center, so when a Boy Scout camp opened up to wayward sons for the week, he chose that over a family reunion. He was diving off a low diving board when a boy pushed out from the side at the same time and Steve landed on his shoulder blade. His 5th and 6th vertebrae were broken. Steve said he was only paralyzed on half of his body, but someone picked him up who didn’t know what he was doing and Steve heard another pop, making him paralyzed on the other side. Steve was 15 years old. He almost lost his life several times, and even said a sinner’s prayer during the next 10 years; but when my departed sister, Kathy, who was ministering room to room, got to know Steve, his life started to turn around. (He wore cowboy boots in bed! He did that to keep his feet straight.) Kathy would ask Steve to come to church and he would always say no. Then Kathy asked him one night what he was doing. Steve said, “Nothing,” and she said, “Good, I’ll be over in a minute to pick you up for church.” Steve rededicated his life to the Lord and over the next 30 years he was able to minister to tens of thousands of people.

Steve preached on the streets. In fact, he was ordained a minister about 25 years ago, with an emphasis on street ministry. He would go into the downtown area of Wichita, sit in his wheelchair on a corner with a speaker, a small powerful amp and a mic that would reach ears a half mile away with the gospel. He preached in places like the Mardi Gras and the Indi 500! He especially liked going down to the “pit” at the Indi where most people wouldn’t venture. The bikers, other pretty tough characters, and regular crime activity would keep sane people away; but Steve wasn’t scared. His workers had to be pretty courageous to go in with him.

He got involved in the Summer of Mercy in Wichita and eventually took over a Godarchy telephone line from Brian Brown, where he would minister the love of Jesus and current pro-life events. He was extremely honored when OSA had him operate their website. During his life he had bricks thrown at him that swerved away from him, guns shot at him that wouldn’t go off, men come at him to beat him and kill him who were taken out by bigger guys (drunk, big bikers), and countless threats to his life; but he stayed true to Jesus. 3 1/2 years ago Steve got pneumonia. It kept him in the hospital for three months. He ended up getting the trach and vent at that time, as well as the g-tube. He could eat some, but he mostly took canned food and his meds by the g-tube. He still had enough use of his arms that, with a little help from his workers, he could use a track ball and a stick in his mouth to work a computer. Steve used to be able to type 35 words a minute!

Through the next years, Steve had some strokes that left him paralyzed completely from the neck down. He also got arthritis in his neck so he could not type with a stick, or work the computer. This caused him to become depressed. He was so busy before, that the last year had a lot of ups and downs, many downs.

The week before Steve passed; he told a sister that heaven was going to be wonderful. He got so sick that he had a non-stop seizure, so I felt I had to call an ambulance, even though he had told me he wanted to die at home. Doctors told us he was septic and even with the strongest antibiotics he wasn’t getting better. Steve wanted to go without his vent on, so we invited friends to come say goodbye, knowing he wouldn’t make it long without the trach. He actually lived three hours and we worshipped the Lord for the three hours before his heart stopped. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, so he is so happy now.

I know this is more than you wanted to know, Brenda, but I wanted to kinda review his life here on my cell as Christopher is driving the car. I had some extra time. There may be typing errors that you may want to fix before you forward this on. It’s a little tedious to fix since I am on my little cell. God bless you, Brenda.

Love, Judi

It was during one of our evening rallies at the National Event in Orlando that we learned of the impending death of one great man of God – Stephen Mashburn.  We all prayed for him, recalling the martyr Stephen’s impending death in Acts 8:55: “But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly unto heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God.”    

The New Testament always refers to the Son as being seated at the Father’s right hand.  Signifying that the work in redeeming mankind to Himself has been done – It is finished.  But we note in this particular passage that Jesus is standing on the right hand of God.

What is the significance?  When it is our turn to leave this world, no matter how horrible the circumstance or difficult the battle, our Lord will be standing at the right hand of the Father to receive us into His heavenly home.  We will see that He indeed has prepared a place for us.  He will give us abundant grace and mercy to withstand the pain, however treacherous, and bear the grief of this world’s hatred, to die without bitterness and be lifted up into life victorious.

Stephen Mashburn is my friend.  He always stood strong for Jesus and His precious preborn image bearers.  He could readily distinguish between good and evil in a city that was and is filled with both.  Stephen Mashburn is one of the faithful saints that brought abortion to an end in the city of Wichita. 

My favorite picture of he and I together was at the Central Abortion Mill in Wichita, Kansas in the summer of 1991, when we and 72 other pastors were arrested laying our lives down for Christ and His children.  Steve had a miraculous conversion to Christ and, though he was a quadriplegic most of his adult life, he became a fiery preacher of the Gospel of Christ.   

And so my good friend, good night for now – I will see you in the morning! ~ Flip (Here’s the video via youtube)