Ten months after a Kansas pastors trial, conviction, and sentencing for “loitering and disrupting a business,” Justice Phil Journey has recused himself from the case.  Of course the business the pastor was convicted of disrupting was a local Mosque, where he and several others were passing out Gospel tracts written in Arabic.  Why would a judge do this? ~ Flip

Judge Phil Journey Recuses Himself

In the case of City of Wichita v. Pastor

Some may recall that in September of 2011, I was tried and convicted of “loitering and disrupting a business” for passing out free bibles at a mosque in Wichita, Kansas. Though the police testified that I did not trespass or block any cars, I was nonetheless guilty because I did not move quick enough when police told me to though I was standing on a public sidewalk – that I committed the crime of “shy distance.” Yup, fo-real!

This week I received and email from my attorney that Judge Journey was recusing himself from my case.



First – Journey is in a hotly contested election with Linda Kirby. KRA recently gave Journey an endorsement. I then sent out an email explaining my case and what happened. That Journey could of easily dismissed my case in pretrial motion, that the government had no evidence that I had trespassed or block cars. That he had the opportunity to uphold his oath to defend the Constitution and the first amendment but he chose not to. That his actions were anathema to that which is Christian and to the Constitution.

Second – Two weeks ago I did a radio interview with Pastor Joe Wright. Unbeknownst to me, and only by the Providence of the Lord, Judge Journey was scheduled right after me. I told Pastor Joe that Journey was the Judge who allowed the trial and sentenced me to the maximum sentence (suspended). He said that he would ask him about it in the interview, which he did.

Journey publicly spoke about my case – a case that is ongoing as my attorney and I are discussing filing another motion in the case and I am still on probation for including that I can not go within 1000 ft of the mosque. (I guess I can’t become a muslim?) This is a HUGE breach of judicial ethics.

Journey spewed the governments version of events that day. He said things that were completely false to justify himself. He said that I blocked cars and that he “thought about giving me a jail ministry.” Yep, du judge, said that on the public radio.

So get this, 10 months after trial, conviction, and sentencing, a Judge (Journey) recuses himself over a “loitering” case. Wow!!!

So let me shout it from the roof tops –

Psalm 37:6 – He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.

All glory to our Lord Jesus!!!

“The gates of hell can not prevail against His church.” MT. 16:18

Oh if only the church would leave the padded pews for the poignant persecution.

– Pastor

Attend your favorite, non-seeker friendly, 100% pro-life church this Sunday. America will not survive if you don’t. – Pastor