Attached is a great article from our good friend Jeremy Augenbaugh in Jackson, Wyoming.  We are just off the heels of winning a lawsuit against the city’s nefarious attempts to silence the Gospel of Christ in the streets of Jackson, to now being on the heels of a possibly devastating landslide just across the street from abortionist Brent Blue’s notorious abortion mill.  This mill is the last remaining surgical abortion mill in the state of Wyoming.

The church in Jackson is deafeningly silent concerning this issue, for she is afraid of what it will do to her reputation among the “good” citizens of this troubled city.  This city is being troubled by God Himself.  If His Church chooses to remain silent at a time like this, then the rocks will cry out.

See Jeremy’s article demonstrate a very powerful movement of God’s providential hand at work in the city of Jackson, Wyoming, thanks to your public proclamation.