In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of the United States of America, ruled in favor of the valiant and indefatigable pro-life sidewalk counselors who daily bring the Gospel of Christ to women in crisis pregnancy situations at abortion mills across this country.  These counselors are “living parables” of the love of Christ, Who can take what is considered to be a curse and turn it into a wonderful blessing.

In the words of the supreme Court: “In unrefuted testimony, petitioners say they have collectively persuaded hundreds of women to forgo abortions.” Then the justices, including outspoken abortion advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wrote that sidewalk counselors, “believe that they can accomplish this objective only through personal, caring, consensual conversations. And for good reason: It is easier to ignore a strained voice or a waving hand than a direct greeting or an outstretched arm.”

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