Friday July 18 Report

Local and national leaders of Operation Save America spent Friday preparing the way for OSA’s New Orleans National Event (July 19 – 26). Pastors Bill Shanks of New Covenant Fellowship and Dale Sochia of King Jesus Ministries led their churches to the Women’s Health Care Center on General Pershing Street in Kenner, LA. They were joined by Operation Save America’s National Director, Rev. Flip Benham of North Carolina; Assistant Director, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas of Texas; and retired police officer and OSA leader, Chet Gallagher and his lovely wife, Joann, of Nevada.

The children ministered through chalk drawing on the sidewalks and young people held signs of live babies and victims of abortion. Women counseled abortion minded couples as they entered, men preached, and others quietly prayed as worship music filled the air.

Four babies were saved (three left the clinic and one turned away) and many had the Gospel presented to them. One young lady with rainbow colored hair and tattoos heard the Good News from Pastor Bill. She spent a half hour asking questions about the nature of the Kingdom of God. Please pray for her salvation.

Dalton and Angela, a couple engaged to be married, arrived for an abortion. They had a baby and a toddler with them. After speaking with Reverends Flip and Rusty, they decided to let their third child live. Pastor Dale encouraged them to make their relationship right in the eyes of God and offered his church and services for a Christian wedding. He even offered to provide refreshments for a reception. All of this was offered free of charge. OSA leaders will follow up with Dalton and Angela. Please pray for them.

A feminist abortion supporter, wearing half a dozen bracelets adorned with skulls, also heard the Gospel of the Kingdom. She pulled her car over to the side of the road and got out. She wanted to know OSA’s next witnessing venue, presumably to oppose us. But the Lord turned the tables. She spoke to Rev. Flip and others and was confronted with the truth of her sin and the need for her Savior. She was challenged to forsake idols (goddess worship and self-worship), repent, and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. As she continued to engage the Christians, she was touched by their love for children and the disenfranchised. Please pray for Sherry.

Ken and Jo Scott, OSA leaders from Colorado, stopped in Shreveport, LA on the way to New Orleans to conduct an “awareness campaign.” Thanks to the loving intervention of the Scotts, abortionist Dale. V. Bauman was confronted with the Gospel and given an opportunity to repent. The Scotts visited three locations with which Bauman is affiliated. They disseminated information at his office and private practice in Bossier City, LA; Willis Knighton Medical Center, in Shreveport, LA, where he has hospital admitting privileges; and his home in Bossier City, LA.

The Scotts gave out tracts reading, “Pray that abortion is stopped and Bauman turns from the practice of killing innocent babies and repents to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. This message was presented to Bauman’s affluent neighbors. Bauman resides in Stone Bridge, a wealthy community with a guard shack at the entrance. He lives in an expensive home surrounded by a manicured golf course and serene ponds.

The Scotts visited Bauman’s office and private practice, placing information under the doors of each office building. They even slid one under the door to Bauman’s private office. The Scotts also leafleted the Medical Center, placing tracts in bathrooms and in the chapel. At one location, the police were called but the Scotts accomplished their purpose and left for New Orleans without incident.

At 11:30 am today, OSA held a press conference at the Planned Parenthood building site on S. Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans. Most of the local news stations showed up, as the men of God from OSA addressed the city of New Orleans. They lovingly yet firmly presented the vision and mission of Operation Save America to the “Big Easy.” When OSA first came to the city in 1995, there were eight free standing abortion clinics. Today, there is only one left. There is another one in the surrounding city of Metairie. OSA leaders explained that there is unfinished Kingdom business that needs to be completed: New Orleans must become abortion free in Jesus’ name!

Please pray for the Word of God to go forth in power, as OSA begins its national event tomorrow, July 19th.