Operation Save America, New Orleans, 2014

The Saints Come Marching In, Saturday, July 19

Today marked the commencement of Operation Save America’s New Orleans National Event. Christians of various denominations, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and professions joined together to share the Gospel of the Kingdom on the streets of New Orleans.

After three days of fasting and prayer, OSA members from as far away as California, Nevada, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Connecticut gathered in Louisiana. Others traveled shorter distances and
rolled in from Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and other southern states. OSA members poured out of rental cars, 15 passenger vans, airport shuttles, trucks, and vinyl covered “Truth Trucks” covered with pictures of aborted babies.

New Orleans is known for sweltering heat and humidity, a concern to the elderly, frail, and those with small children. Undeterred, several saints of the Lord answered the call to stand “for the least of these” in New Orleans. Driven by the Lord’s command to “rescue those unjustly sentenced to death” and to “do unto others as ye would have them do to you,” OSA members arrived at the abortion clinic on Causeway to plead for the lives of unborn babies and the souls of the lost, despite the summer heat. God blessed their obedience. His mercy showered on the saints, literally. The heavens opened and released rain on the group, keeping the temperatures down and the saints refreshed.

When the Saturday’s outreach was over, members shared a splash in the hotel’s large outdoor swimming pool or dined together at local eateries. OSA is a diverse gathering of pastors and saints that live out their faith with a multigenerational vision. They gather together as great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, young adults, and children to serve the Lord and end the American holocaust. The bustling OSA crowd made the hotel lobby look like a Hallmark greeting card for traditional values.

No deaths were reported in Metairie, LA. It appeared the death camps were shut down. Local pro-lifers described the Causeway Medical Clinic as looking markedly different from its normal Saturday operations. Abortion supporters far outweighed any apparent pregnant women. OSA leaders believe pro-abortion supporters put on a theater production, lining the walkway with yellow vested “deathscorts” and ushering in a handful of “actors” to give the appearance of an open clinic. Can someone spell, STAGED?

As his fashion, Rev. Flip Benham patrolled the gathering to speak encouragement to God’s people. He shared his years of wisdom and insight and shored up the saints. He equipped the saints to do “battle,” even as he searched for the lost.

Saints used the time on the street to share the Gospel of the Kingdom to abortion supporters. OSA leader Chet Gallagher, Pastor Bill Shanks of New Orleans, Assistant to the Director, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, and Pastor Bill
Dunfey from Ohio addressed the “deathscorts” over a sound system. The appeal was personal and compelling.

The Causeway death camp was besieged by prayer, worship, and the public proclamation of the Gospel. Saints walked the sidewalks praying and interceding. Led by Mario More’s strong baritone voice, Anita and Alyss
Villavaso, Maranatha and Sophia Thomas, Kimberlee Puccio, and Charity Johnston sang worship songs. Anna and James Johnston and Josiah Thomas played guitars.

Later, the saints visited the home and neighborhood of abortionist Mary Gardner. Reverends Flip and Rusty and Pastor Bill Shanks went to Gardner’s house. The men of God approached the front door to deliver God’s mail,
“Repent of the sin of child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood and to receive the tender mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Gardner was not home but the message was left. Saints lined her neighborhood streets
with signs that revealed the violence of abortion, leafleted the neighborhood to warn the neighborhood that a serial killer was in their midst.

Finally, the neighborhood was encouraged to pray for Gardner, that she might use her medical skills to save life rather than destroy life. As often happens, the truth caused “trouble” for the community. But who brought the trouble, really? Just like Elijah, OSA members respond, “We have not troubled the neighborhood, but your abortionist neighbor has forsaken the commandments of the Lord and followed after the idol of child sacrifice. Have we become your enemy by telling you the truth?”