Operation Save America, New Orleans, 2014
“Honoring Rev. Flip Benham” Friday, July 25th

Honoring of Flip

The last evening rally was a tribute to Reverend Flip Benham, outgoing
National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. Rev. Flip
had served as National Director since 1994, having received his commission
from Pastor Keith Tucci (National Director before Flip and after founder,
Randall Terry).

Flip is known for his uncompromising stand on the issues and his leading
Norma McCorvey to the Lord. After worship, a plaque was presented to Rev.
Flip commending him for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Lord’s
preborn children. A slide show and video tribute by Flip’s family was
played on a large overhead screen. OSA children and young people then
invited Flip and his wife, Faye to the stage. The young people took turns
praying over the couple. Allysa compiled a scrap book of gratitude and the
children presented it to Rev. Flip while on stage. At the end of the
night, a large cake with the OSA logo was devoured by hungry and grateful

OSA will be forever indebted to Rev. Flip for his uncompromising and
unwavering commitment to end child killing. We love you Rev. Flip. Thank
you for making the theology of the churches, biography on the streets.

Cal Zastrow’s Poem
Flip Benham – The Lion of the Tribe of Rescue

Babies are dying, let’s go to the streets
Let’s humble our hearts, it’s now time to weep

Will we go Rescue and will we obey?
Will we show up for the babies today?

Here cometh the evil, here cometh the night
Will we be slaves, or rise up and fight?

Flip hears the cry of innocent blood
He sees the evil come in like a flood

If you obey you could go to jail
Flip trusted God, who never could fail

Our nation and churches in peril and trouble
Will we repent, or be crushed into rubble?

Smashing the idols, Flip ran to the roar
It’s time to block the deathpit door

How strong is our faith, God sees and He knows
The babies need us to interpose

Will we just cheer?  Will we just clap?
Or will we step up and fill in the gap?

We didn’t just talk, we didn’t just pray
Flip led us well, God’s judgment is stayed

Flip Benham has picked up and carried his cross
The Lord has been faithful, you’ve suffered no loss
The Lord has been faithful, you’ve suffered no loss.

(by Cal Zastrow – July 26, 2014)