New Orleans Planned Parenthood Report

Pastor Bill Shanks Leading the Saints at the Gates of Hell

Planned Parenthood sent out 500 email invitations to contractors in the New Orleans area. They requested their presence at their “job fair” that took place today. Planned Parenthood is desperate to find someone to help build their new death camp in New Orleans. All previous contractors either walked off and refused the job or the ones Planned Parenthood managed to hire got busted by the authorities for illegalities. The proposed site still lies in ruins.   Between 30 to 40 prospective contractors showed up to hear Planned Parenthood’s pitch to construct their altar of Moloch. The contractors, however, were not alone. Pastor Bill Shanks, Pastor Dale Sochia, Bishop Otis Kenner, and the saints showed up as well. Armed with signs, literature, and the preaching of God’s word, they engaged the contractors. The saints were stationed on the sidewalk right near the door. They had no problems per say, though some of the contractors were a bit peeved.

 Bishop Kenner and Pastor Bill Engaging a Contractor

Apparently, one of the contractors asked the million dollar question, “Why did the work on this project stop?” The Planned Parenthood representative pointed him to the saints outside and said, “Because of those people out there!” Pastor Bill shouted, “GLORY!!!”