The battle continues to rage in Ohio! Here is a report from Coach and a short video of a smiling Cal Zastrow as he is being arrested for preaching on a public sidewalk. I love my brothers in the Lord. I hope you do as well and will pray for them.

Pastor Bill Dunfee and Cal Zastrow were both charged with criminal trespassing Friday night out side the Fox Hole Strip club in Ohio. Cal, along with Scott Heldreth and others made the long journey to join with the saints outside the den of iniquity and engaged in preaching, witnessing and singing of hymns to the patrons, dancers, owners, and employees of the hell hole.

It was an obvious planned set up by the Fox Hole and the Sheriffs depart, Pastor Bill and Cal were arrested for standing on the public property where the Gospel has been shared for the past 8 years. The only difference was, this time the Sheriffs department determined that the property was now private property and the refusal of Bill and Cal to leave resulted in the charge of Criminal Trespassing. This was AFTER a video had been shown to the cops of Fox Hole Owner Tom George physically assaulting Pastor Bill in an attempt to push him off of the property.

Pastor Bill and Cal have to appear in Coshocton County Court Monday morning at 10:00 am for arraignment.

It is also of interest to note that we have possession of government documents showing that the area on which they were standing is well within the public easement and that we have the officers on film admitting that they had no idea where the property line was but that they were merely following the orders of their superiors.

Interestingly, while the paper work was being done, in full view of the deputies, the dancers were walking around harassing the rest of the Christians who had come to witness. True to form, the DANCERS WERE PARADING TOPLESS on the public street, just as they have been doing every Sunday for 5 weeks outside the church where Pastor Bill is Pastor.

The same deputies who refuse to stop the public nudity in front of the church decided to charge Pastor Bill and Cal for Criminal Trespassing merely for reading the Bible and singing hymns. It reminds me of the scene in the classic movie Cool Hand Luke where the jailer locks Luke in the “hole” as he apologizes for having to do it. “Just doing my job, Luke” the guard apologizes to Luke. “Yeah. Well calling it your job don’t make it right.” Luke replied.

In Coshocton County Ohio public nudity is permitted while public singing and Bible reading is criminal. Check out the short video of Cal smiling while he is being “written up” by the Sheriff’s Deputy.

Click here to see the video.